May big list

This month is going to be a crazy busy one! I recently decided to launch a new project, a top secret one, that I originally intended on doing later this year. After sitting down with a friend a few weeks ago and her convincing me that it’s better to be the first than the best, I decide that May will be largely focused on launching this new project. I am SO excited about it! But in addition to that, there will be 2 weeks in Colorado where we have to put the finishing touches on our house. And, lastly, it’s the moth of my FIRST ANNIVERSARY! A busy month, indeed. But one that I’m super excited about. Here’s the big list:

Senior portrait marketing
Create plus site for seniors
Shoot and blog four weddings
Market to 8 Colorado businesses
Market to 8 Connecticut businesses
Update 10 SEO posts
Make Google + IFTTT
Book 4 new glamour sessions
Design logo for TOP SECRET PROJECT
Come up with a marketing plan for TOP SECRET PROJECT
Contact vendors for TOP SECRET PROJECT
Digital Equipment sale
Watch Sue Bryce’s marketing video

Plant more veggies in my garden!
Read a book
Write 10 life stories
Bake a loaf of bread

…and making sure there are a lot more days spent like this one was…

  1. Kristin says:

    Woo! Do work, Alicia!! Cheering for you in all your endeavors – personal and professional! xoxo

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