Things I've learned from shooting luxury weddings for over 15 years - compiled together into a pretty, little package for you! 

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I'm Alicia, a fine art wedding photographer who specializes in New York & international destination weddings. I've spent over two decades of my life globetrotting to over 37 countries while developing an effortless style for capturing exquisite and chic affairs. Running a multiple six-figure business while raising two little ones has required to be very strategic in how I optimize my working hours to bring in more income with fewer hours. Over the last 15+ years in the luxury wedding industry, I've honed the strategies that work to attract ideal clients, fully book my calendar, and increase my income level - and I'm ready to share them with you!



"I encourage anyone and everyone to work with her. When Alicia is coaching, it's not about what she can get, but about how she can support others."

"Alicia genuinely cares for her clients and those that she mentors;I feel like I'm not only walking away from this having gained a new colleague but more importantly - a new friend. If you're on the fence, I highly recommend that you go for it!"

"Working with Alicia has been an intentional experience, kind of like a big sister helping guide you to the point where she is now."

posing masterclass

Tired of blanking during sessions on how to direct your couples? In this training, I'll show you my go-to angles that flatter every couple on camera and look natural - goodbye "overly posed" images 👋

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What to bring to weddings, what lenses to use, and how I bring all of the items together in a cohesive design.

How to offer mini sessions while staying on brand, lowering stress levels, and actually make a profit.

The start guide to booking international weddings - this one is for you!

I work with a very limited number of people each year doing 1:1 coaching for their photography business. If this is something you're interested in, please reach out via email below.