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Alicia Daw is a fine art wedding photographer that specializes in weddings, elopements, and engagement in Paris, France and Europe. Her wedding photography work can be found in publications like Style Me Pretty, Grace Ormonde wedding Style, Carats and Cake, and many more. 





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03. Danielle + Mike

02. Emily + Dan




Wadsworth Mansion

Whether you're looking for iconic wedding photography at place like the Louvre, The Eiffel Tower, on The Sience, or the rooftops of Paris, Alicia is the fine art wedding photographer in Paris for you. Having lived in Europe for 5 years, she knows the streets well and travels there often to document weddings and elopments, just like yours.



04. Lee + ysabel


The Hickories



Alicia Daw is  a Paris wedding photographer that specializes in fine art wedding photography. Her travels and work have brought her to La Palais Royale, The Louvre, The Eiffel Tower, The Grand Opera, The Siene, and many more places around Paris, France. She would love to be considered for your destination wedding in Paris, France. 




02. CAROLINE & antoine

01. Avrielle & Alexander

New York Public Library


04. Jacqueline & Tim

Private Sailboat, Newport

05. Caitryn & Jared

Private beach


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FIne Art Travel Prints

One of my greatest joys is to travel the world and photograph the places I visit on medium format film. On more than one occasion, I have left my digital camera home and brought only film cameras with me. There is something about pausing and taking the time to carefully frame a photo, and then wait in suspense upon returning home for those film scans.

I have made some of my favorite images available for purchase in my print shop so that you, too, can be reminded of some of the most iconic, exotic, and serene places our world has to offer.

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New York Public Library

Avrielle & Alex

Fashion forward, and oh so chic, Avrielle and Alex are the cool ones. But more than being effortlessly cool and chic, they are the most wonderful humans you will ever meet and treat everyone they come in contact with as friends. Having been together for a decade, it was meant to be that Alex dropped to one knee in the city of New York that they both love to ask for her hand in marriage, and it was the easiest yes she ever gave.


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Bethesda Terrace, NYC

Angelique & Josh

Serendipitous was their love and their meeting - a match made in heaven, quite literally. Angelique and Josh met online but their first date was attending church together, as their faith is the center of their relationship. Their affection and love for one another is palpable and, together, they are as kind as they are lovely.


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Paris, France

Caroline & antoine

It was through the winding, weaving alleyways in the city of love that Caroline and Antoine found each other and fell in love. And so it was that it felt appropriate to do their session upon the iconic grounds of The Louvre and Palais Royale, hand in hand, laughing and catching the glimmer in each others eye - just as it always has been, and just as it always will be..


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Newport, RI

Jacqueline & Tim

It was through the winding, weaving alleyways in the city of love that Caroline and Antoine found each other and fell in love. And so it was that it felt appropriate to do their session upon the iconic grounds of The Louvre and Palais Royale, hand in hand, laughing and catching the glimmer in each others eye - just as it always has been, and just as it always will be..


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Private beach

Caitryn & Jared

After what felt like a million bad dates, Caitryn decided to give online dating one last try. When she met jared for the first time he was wearing capri pants and multi colored bright sneakers and, probably somewhere in her head, she thought "Here we go again". Except this time was different. He immediately put her at ease and they sent the whole night laughing and talking. As they say, the rest is history.


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fine art BOUDOIR

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Intimate and romantic fine art boudoir sessions

As a little girl I loved dressing up in my mothers silk robes. Somewhere along the way, my definition of beauty changed. I began to be influenced by pop culture that told me that being beautiful was not about how I felt about myself, but about how I looked. I aimed to hit a certain number on the scale, and loathed the fact that I would never have long legs - something I equated to beauty. It took a lot of year - and carrying, delivering and nursing 2 babies - to learn to really love my body and be comfortable in my skin.

I want to help you rediscover your beauty. I want to help you embrace your femininity. I want you to realize that you can be confident in your own skin, just the way you are. - Alicia

It was a beautiful summer day as Lee and Ysabel prepared to take their vows. The day was a perfect balance of classic style with a natural and contemporary ambience. It perfectly reflected the balance that Lee and Ysabel’s relationship held. He was her perfect match being not only ambitious and determined but also having a visionary personality and a loyal heart. She complimented and balanced him, bringing him peace during his hectic medical schedule with her contagious love and energy. During the ceremony and wedding reception it was also evident that they both held family in high respect. The Hydrangeas that decorated the church and reception venue where chosen because Ysabel’s mother used to grow them in her childhood home and the lavender that was used throughout the day was because it was her mother’s favorite flower. Chrysanthemums were also chosen because they are Lee’s mom’s favorite flower and also an auspicious symbol in Chinese culture. It’s very apparent as you look at this beautiful couple that they were destined for each other and the wedding day was a reflection of their thoughtfulness towards others, there classy and relaxed style and intentional family values.

Ysabel + Lee

It was a beautiful autumn day - one that was unseasonably warm and bright - as Emily and Adam prepared to take their vows. Set at the timeless and classic Lord Thompson manor, which reminds anyone who visits of a quaint french chateau, emily and adam could not have asked for a more perfect day in the month of november. The sun shone brightly as their did their first look and, much to the amazement of everyone in attendance, the weather was a tolerable 50 degrees when typically at this time of year it would be closer to 30. One of the more memorable parts of the day was during their ceremony, right as they began their vows, when the thunder rolled in over head and began booming. We all knew that time was running out, but the rain held off for their ceremony. As soon as the ceremony was done, the guests made their way to the balcony area for toasts, and right after emily's sister began her speech, the skies decided they could no longer hold out and everyone began laughing as they rushed inside to get away from the fat raindrops that had begun to fall. Emily and adam's autumn wedding day was perfect in every possible way. 


ROOTED IN TRADITION, COVERED IN LOVE FROM BOTH SIDES OF THEIR FAMILIES, MATT AND MAYA HAD THE MOST BEAUTIFUL START TO THEIR MARRIAGE AFTER NUMEROUS POSTPONEMENTS DUE TO THE PANDEMIC. Maya and Matt's wedding was colorful, full of life, and full to the brim with smiles and laughter. For many of the people in attendance, it was the first time gathering together in over a year, and such an occasion deserved to be met with incredible celebration. 

Matt and maya combined traditions and customs from both sides of their family and heritage, including matt entering the venue on a horse for the barrat to the sound of booming music and a dancing, happy crowd. The barrat, among other things was almost canceled due to inclement weather but, alas, right at the appropriate time the skies opened up and the sun shone down on him as he made his way toward his bride. The afternoon continued with a traditional indian ceremony and a cocktail hour packed with incredible delights from the catering team at Blue hill at stone barns. Their guests danced the night away in one of the upper rooms, toasting to matt and maya's future and to happier times for all.


To know Bekah and Andrew is to love them - as evidenced by their large bridal party who was fun, full of laughs and jokes, and who all knew how to have a good time. One thing was for sure - bekah and andrew both know how to show up and throw a stellar, memorable party. Their event spanned over the course of two days and included the most stunning florals, the very best details, the most chic outfits (and shoes!) iv'e ever seen, and absolutely jaw dropping mouth watering food. Their ceremony, held on the rooftop of the allegria hotel in long island provided a stunning view to all the guests in attendance, as they promised forever to each other over loooking the sky blue ocean waters of long island. after the ceremony, the guests were escorted inside to party the night away, only to come back the following evening and continue the party. 


It wasn’t ideal, but they were going to make the most of it. It’s funny how something completely ordinary, like weather, can run the show on the most important day of your life. It had poured all morning. The sky was overcast, gray, hazy, and offered no suggestion that the sun would make an appearance. And yet, some could argue that the dreariness the weather brought was somehow fitting. It was a gentle reminder that they had recently lost a family member so near & dear. He was light and goodness, and missing him was gray. After going back and forth many times, Emily and Dan finally decided to have their ceremony outside. It was still raining, but it seemed to let up for a brief minute into a light mist. She took a deep breath and began her journey towards her beloved husband-to-be. Just then, the sky opened up revealing an incredible ray of light that shone on her back and emphasized the radiance that was her. She smiled as a single tear escaped her eye. There he was, the light and the goodness. Her grandfather had never intended on missing her big day, and he made sure to make his presence known in the most warm and beautiful way.

Emily + Dan

There is nothing more beautiful and raw than choosing to honor the legacy of family on the most important day of your life. Danielle and Mike are a perfect example of combining traditions to create & embody an exquisite picture of love, legacy and unity. On her wedding day the classic and timeless bride Danielle donned a red and gold traditional Chinese dress before stepping into her ivory ball gown. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room as her grandmother clasped a series of heirloom necklaces around the collar of her dress. She was an image of her ancestors before her; a representation of elegance and grace. Danielle and Mike’s testament to their roots was a symbol of their honor & love for their legacy. As they became man & wife their loyalty to one another was evident. One chapter of each of their stories may be closed, but as they embark on a new one together, they make two worlds one.

Danielle + Mike



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