Who we are

The Alicia Ann Photographers manifesto

Unspeakable joy
Found in the belly laughter during toasts, the tears streaming down mom's cheek and the smile in the eyes of your new spouse...because forever just began.  

The start of a heritage
A new beginning with beautiful portraits and images that will adorn the mantle and become family heirlooms for generations to come.

Eternal commitments
Two individuals committed to a life of shared adventures. Promises that are felt in the vows made before God and man and sealed with an everlasting kiss.

Authentic emotion
Discovered in the brevity of a raw, fleeting moment, beckoning our attention and compelling us to preserve it in time forever. 

And what we believe

who we are

Alicia was born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut and spent five years as a young adult living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Somewhere between strolling the streets of Yale University as a little girl and exploring the old cobblestone roads of Europe as an adult, Alicia developed a love for architecture and what it represents. There are the stones that are laid carefully, built on a solid foundation. There is the time spent meticulously carving into the masonry to sculpt something breathtaking. So much of the architecture she fell in love with inspired her photography brand. After all, a marriage requires all those exact things - a solid foundation, time invested, and a careful attention to how breathtakingly beautiful it can be. 

Alicia daw

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passionate about building strong marriages

easy-going, with the ability to make you feel like you've known him your whole life.

Who we are

Rob is our resident male photographer and is known for his light-hearted, easy going manner as well as his ability to make your bridal party feel like they've known him their entire lives. His style of photography is candid and laid back, always adding some fun to the mix and making friends everywhere he goes. But don't let his fun-nature fool you - Rob is a total sucker for sweet and romantic moments and has a total soft spot for the Grandpa's and Grandma's at weddings that have been married for decades. In his free time Rob enjoys all kinds of sports and outdoor activities, and can throw pizza dough like a boss.  

Rob Squeglia

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a romantic at heart who is obsessed with taking photos of your grandparents

Who we are

Madi is an old soul who is filled with wonder and has a special eye for noticing details and capturing candid moments. She is a romantic at heart and is known to shed a tear or two, especially if she catches your grandparents holding hands or kissing. She is a free spirit and wears her heart on her sleeve. Her specialty is capturing the "in between moments" on your wedding day, the ones that tell the story and will hold precious memories for years to come. On her days off you can find Madi nurturing her plant babies, hiking, or basking in the sunshine. She also is an avid travel enthusiast.

madison cheslock

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