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I spent all of yesterday afternoon/evening doing something I LOVE – party planning! The mother of one of my wedding clients for later this year asked if I could *help* her put together a few ideas for their bridal shower. Seeing as how I love all things creative, I was on that project in a matter of minutes! I put together 4 themes that would be fun to photograph and would leave a lasting impression on the ladies who are attending. Just short of midnight, I concluded my project, only to realize that the date of the shower is a day that I am already booked with another wedding. So after all my planning, I won’t even be able to be there to see one of these 4 visions come to life…and to photograph it! MAJOR bummer!

So you tell me, which of these is your favorite?

Theme #1 – “How sweet it is to be loved by you” bridal shower

Dress code: Your brightest colored cocktail dress and/or high heels!

Creative ideas: A rented cotton candy machine.

Theme #2 – “Old-fashioned lemonade” bridal shower (note: this theme was inspired by Justin and Mary from their recent workshop, which I was able to help a bit with)

Dress code: All guests must wear something yellow (dress, shoes, necklace, headband, nail polish, etc)

Creative idea: Make a photo booth out of a lemonade stand for all guests to get their picture taken.

Theme #3 – “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” bridal shower

Dress code: Favorite party dress, and lots of jewelry

Creative idea: Request that guests wrap their gift in tiffany blue paper and a white ribbon.

Theme #4 – “A weekend in Paris” bridal shower

Dress code: Little black dress and your favorite set of pearls!

Creative ideas: For invitations, send “passports” (see picture above) to begin setting the tone and theme for all the guests. Have a native French speaker come in and teach all the women how to say a few key phrases in French.

  1. Brittany Bussola says:

    I like the “How sweet it is to be loved by you” theme. That’s probably because of my sweet tooth 😉

  2. Vanessa D'Anna says:

    I also like the theme, “How sweet it is to be loved by you”! Very colorful and just fun!

  3. Andrea Carman says:

    Did you make the Passport Invitations for the French inspired tea Party, or did you find them online? I want to do this party for my son’s mother in law for her birthday in June!

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