Beachside wedding in New Jersey | Maria + Brad (Part 2)

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“It was the happiest wedding I have ever been to.” That was my answer in response to Adam’s question of how the wedding was. And it’s the truth. There was not a person in attendance who was not smiling the entire time. Whether it was the man of honor, the parents of both Maria and Brad, Maria’s hilarious Aunt, or their fun group of friends – without exception, everyone was smiling and laughing the whole day. Their New Jersey beachside wedding was a mix of all the things they love – fairy wings and a dragon cake topper, breezy beaches and sunset-lit bays, bar-b-que and gingham. And it was perfect. Perfectly them.

Maria and Brad were married on a day where the sun shined down brightly, though the weatherman called for rain. There was a gorgeous beachside breeze coming in off the ocean, and it was as though the heavens were saying “we LOVE this wedding day as much as you.”

Once again, a HUGE thanks to Sidney Chang who was ON FIRE while second shooting this wedding with me!! Quite a few of these shots are hers. 😉 Stay tuned for part 3 of Maria and Brad’s wedding.

Such intricate design on Maria’s wedding dress.

I LOVED the lace detailing on the bottom of Maria’s wedding gown!

Beautiful bold colors!!

So one of the VERY cool details of Maria’s and Brad’s beachside wedding was that Maria made custom fairy wings for each of her bridesmaids. They wings were beautiful, and a fun unique detail!

And since the girls all had wings, Maria made her Man of Honor his own (slightly more masculine) set of wings!

Maria’s makeup was absolutely gorgeous!

I love how this flowerball contrasted so well with the flower girls’ dress.

Maria’s dog did not leave her side for a second as she was getting ready. While she was putting on her dress, he sat there and watched every movement, as if to make sure everything was put on perfectly.

The tying of the dress…a must have photo during the getting ready process!

Maria receiving some help from her close friend as she gets ready for her waterfront wedding!

The final touch:)

Capturing a beautiful moment!

One of my favorite shots from the day!

The happiness on the bride’s and the bride’s parents in the reflection is pure and joyous!

Maria will always be daddy’s little girl.

Another favorite shot of the day. This little guy was just so cute!

Loving the softness and flawlessness beauty of this photo!

Such a loving glance Maria gives the groom.

Pure joy!

Wedding photography by a Connecticut wedding photographer!

What a fun photo of 2 of Maria’s bridesmaids! Taken in Surf City, New Jersey by a Connecticut wedding photographer and New Jersey wedding photographer.

  1. amber says:

    killed it. love the earthy tones. great details. awesome work ladies.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful job Alicia and Sidney!!! What a sweet wedding:)

  3. Joe (FOB) says:

    Thinks Alicia is one of the most talented photographers he has ever seen. The part 2 pictures are even better than the part 1 if that could be possible. You are more than a photographer, you are an artist!! Plus the words you wrote were really sweet. Thanks.

  4. Spring says:

    Absolutely beautiful! The shot of her Daddy with his hands together brought tears. Great job.

  5. sidney chang says:

    thanks so much!! as always, i had a fun time shooting with you Alicia! 🙂

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