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I don’t remember when I first heard of them but quite a few people over the last year or so have said to me “Are you friends with Liz and Ryan? You guys would get along great!”. And when more than a handful of people say that, I began to wonder who these Liz and Ryan people were. I had the privilege of meeting them on Justin and mary Marantz’s What’s next Tour this past January and they were every bit as kind, funny, and charming as I had thought. I began reading their blog and genuinely falling in love with their passion for living life to the fullest and milking this life we have for every penny it’s worth.

Recently Liz and Ryan, who are huge advocates for fantastic marriages, announced that they would be hosting a FREE online webinar called “Amazing life together“. Some of my dear friends, and favorite people in the world, are speaking at this webinar and while Adam and I fully intend on watching it together (though in separate locations), I decided it was too good to not pass along to our clients and blog readers. So, my friends, I HIGHLY encourage you to carve out some time this Friday and Saturday to sit back with the love of your life and watch this webinar. I can absolutely assure you that the people speaking at it are all incredible individuals with marriages that I respect greatly. The kind of couples who, when you pass them on the street or go over their house for dinner, you say to yourself “I want to have a relationship with that much love”. And these couples live it…not just in the spotlight, but behind closed doors as well. So sign up, sit down with your sweetheart, grab some popcorn and make a date night/weekend out of it. I promise, you won’t regret it!!

Here’s the schedule for the weekend:

Friday, April 26
6-7PM (EDT) – Liz & Ryan, Live a more amazing life TOGETHER (part 1)
7-8PM – Lara & Ari, Love never fails
8-9PM – Ashley & Jeremy, Putting love first in the midst of big dreams
9-10PM – Katelyn & Michael, Turning points – making big decisions together

Saturday, April 27
10-11AM (EDT) – Liz & Ryan, Live a more amazing life together (part 2)
11-12PM – Justin & Mary, Building time for each other
12-1PM – Karen + Isaac, Immeasurably more, cultivating a fully alive marriage

I can’t say this enough…sign up, sign up, sign up!!!

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  1. Liz and Ryan says:

    You are THE SWEETEST! 😉 Thank you so so so much for sharing the details of the webinar!! We are so grateful for your support and so excited that you will be tuning in!!! 😉 THANK YOU!!!

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