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Not gonna lie, this whole wedding thing is getting a bit surreal. I kinda feel like I am planning this super detailed styled shoot and then I realize that *I* am the model, that my name is on the invitations, that I’m the one receiving gifts, and….it’s all just a bit strange. Up until last weekend I kinda felt like I was just putting together inspiration boards for clients and helping them with a ton of THEIR DIY stuff. But when last Saturday came around and I was the one sitting on the throne opening up shower gifts that were given to ME, it all started becoming very real!

My mom has long been excited about planning my bridal shower. Maybe it’s because she never thought I’d actually get married, who knows. But she was dead set on me not knowing anything except the time and location until I got there. She and my sister got on Pinterest and started putting together details for an italian themed shower, complete with olive oil favors and LOTS OF ITALIAN FOOD.

Thanks to my good friend, Tiffany Farley, I have a few photos to share with you from my shower.

This would be my dad. In a chefs hat. He think he’s the bees knees.

My homegirl, Erin infantino, did my wedding makeup trial that morning to make sure I looked fabulous for my shower. I can’t recommend her enough, people. If you are getting married, going to prom, need some makeup lessons, or just want to look incredible for a day, give this girl a call!!

We played the classic game of “Who is more likely to…”, where it was made very obvious that Adam is the neater, cleaner, more organized one of the two of us. But, hey, I’m wayyyyyyy more fun.

I love the Littles in my life.

Candelora women. Anyone want to take a guess at who is biological and who isn’t?

For all past and current brides, what was your favorite part of your bridal shower? The gifts? The decor? The laughs? The food? Chime in…I’m curious!

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  1. Deborah Zoe says:

    Soooo wish I could have been there!!! So happy you had fun and enjoyed 1 possibly 3 cupcakes :-p

  2. mom says:

    Thank you Tiffany!

  3. Gram says:

    thats my new email, for whatever reason aol closed my old one. Love the pics, you look beautiful!

  4. Vanessa says:

    What a beautiful day you had!!! My favorite part of my shower was saying hello to everyone amd taking pictures with them! I look back now and love seeing who attended!

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