Yale Campus Engagement session | Meet Will & Camille

Happy Monday everyone! To get your week started off right, I figured I would post a little bit lot of gorgeous goodness on the blog!

I recently met up with Will and Camille in Downtown New Haven on the campus of Yale University to do their engagement shoot. During our initial meeting I asked them what they love to do together and in passionate unison they said ‘shop!”, so I decided it was only natural and appropriate to incorporate that into our session. After our little shopping spree engagement session in downtown New Haven, we grabbed a bite to eat and then went down to Long Wharf to finish up the session with some basketball night shots.

Meet Will + Camille 🙂

Ummm…hello gorgeous skirt!

Camille quite obviously thinks that I am hilarious. But, I mean, who blames her, right?

Loooove that light pouring down on them!

Will working it a bit for the camera. It came 100% naturally to him.

Yale campus makes a stunning backdrop for engagement and portrait sessions, because the architecture is just so stunning!

Once again, I am quite obviously very funny. Or at least Camille humors me and makes me think I am…

A little finger-twirling competition.

Leave Will + Camille a comment and let them know how much you love their photos!

  1. Will and Camille, first off you guys are a stunning couple and I enjoyed looking at your engagement photo shoot! I love all of them especially the ones a night with the moon out! I can’t wait to see you wedding photos!! Good luck in everything you do. God Bless!


  2. Camille says:

    ^ Thanks Vanessa!!!!
    we <3 our photographer! This shoot was as FUN and EXCITING as it looked!! She has such an awesome eye and we can't WAAAIIIITTT for our wedding!!!!

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