It all started in Copenhagen, Denmark.

After living there for five years as a twenty-something with a photography hobby, my friend asked me to photograph her wedding day as she married a Swiss man that she had fallen in love with. That was twenty years ago and, as one might say, the rest is history.

Having photographed in over 37 countries for the last 15+ years, I use my experience to tell your wedding story with a focus on those authentic, emotionally charged moments.

Because to me, they aren't just pictures.
They're the start of your legacy.

I'm not just capturing effortlessly romantic and chic images that have a high probability of ending up on the glossy pages of your favorite bridal magazine. I'm ensuring the timeless photos, the heirloom album, the framed portrait on your granddaughter’s mantle - cherished moments preserved for the rest of time. 

I'm promising an experience that is unmatched - from sharing my secrets of where to find the best hot chocolate in Paris, the best fresh baked cookies in New York City, or the best Licorice in Copenhagen, our travels and time together will be nothing less than expertly directed and exceptionally documented.

as seen in:

Food is my love language

Whether it's a marinara from tomatoes grown in my garden, paired with fresh pasta and homemade meatballs, a spicy vindaloo that I learned to make from a Danish friend, a classic Swedish semla, or freshly baked bread multiple times a week for my kids, my creativity shines brightest in the kitchen.




Family is my purpose

Of all the things I've accomplished and produced in life, nothing will ever hold a candle to the joy that is raising my children. They are the light of my life, and being their mother is the most fun I've ever had.


Denmark is my home away from home

It all started at 15 years old on a missions trip to Guatemala. Since then, I've become a student of culture and language. Stepping off one plane means me fiending for the next adventure. Favorites: Egypt, Iceland, Greece, Laos, France. Bucket list: Morocco, Japan, South Africa, Bali.



That little country stole my heart 20 years ago and has given me no hope of ever returning it back to me. A piece of me has been left there, and every time I step foot on it's soil, I feel like I've come home.


Gathering is my gift

My circle of friends and community is one of the greatest blessings in my life. You'll find me regularly hosting dinners and game nights to bring together our nearest and dearest.



I was not the child who grew up envisioning her wedding day or playing with barbie dolls and babies. Even though my feminine side and motherly instincts took a little bit longer than normal to develop, I always knew that I wanted to be married and have a family. We have chosen to home educate our kids, often through immersive cultural experiences. This little family is truly my greatest joy and adventure.


Whether it's heading into Manhattan where I know the streets like the back of my hand and can tell you where to find the best of everything -  like chocolate chip cookies (*whispers* Levain Bakery ) - or going back to my soul city of Copenhagen, there is something about being in cities around the world that invigorates me - the energy, the noise, the smells. Bucket list: Japan, Bali, South Africa.

If you want to find me in my true element, you'll have to look no further than in my kitchen. On any given weekend when I am not photographing a wedding, you'll likely find me creating art with pies, sugar cookies, sourdough loaves, or European desserts (along with the cutest sous chef on the planet).

As a young child, some of my fondest memories are of picking fresh peas and tomatoes in my grandmother's garden. She had a green thumb and a knack for growing the most delicious vegetables. I've always had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to learn how to grow my own food. In the recent years, I've created quite the garden and an essence of farm life in our small suburban yard.

GTKM, Speed dating version


A near boiling bubble bath with essential oils, Kindle in hand (likely reading Sarah J. Maas), soft piano music playing.


The Danish Royal Family.


In the form of tea, please. I've never finished a cup of coffee.


I am the eldest of 11 kids (8 are adopted). Major first-born energy over here. I can wrangle and direct a crowd in my sleep.


Top down, Showtunes blaring for the world to hear. 


Home Depot and The Spa take it all.


400 +

I am the oldest of 11 kids (8 are adopted). Major first-born energy over here.

weddings captured.


countries visited.


pies baked for neighbors.


amazing clients.

my kind of bride

tres chic



Swim              SEA
DRINK        WILD AIR.   

in the




passport, check


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