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Is anybody beside me feeling like today should be Friday? I am definitely feeling like today should be a Friday but, alas, it is not. So until then, you and I will both have to find something to distract us just a bit until the weekend arrives. And with that in mind, let me distract your mind ever so briefly with the wedding of Wes and Jalene which I had the privilege of shooting last fall. Enjoy… 🙂

Jalene getting her hair all done up for her wedding day in the Colorado mountainside!

Love Jalene’s eye-makeup! Colorado wedding photography.

Jalene, you are beautiful!

And Wes is looking quite dapper himself.

Colorado countryside wedding by a Colorado wedding photographer. A “first look” for Jalene and Wes!!

So we all know how much of a fan I am of doing a “First look,” but a first look in the middle of a grassy field under a pretty tree? YES, PLEASE!!

A beautiful landscape for Jalene and Wes’s first look wedding photography in the Colorado mountainside.

Aww! Aren’t they adorable?! Love these photography portraits for Jalene and Wes’s Colorado countryside wedding.

PRECIOUS:) Colorado wedding photography.

Colorado wedding photographer capture portraits of Jalene and Wes at their “first look!”

Jalene, you are flawless!

Love this lighting in the Colorado mountainside for wedding photography.

Colorado wedding photography in the mountainside, just gorgeous!

Ow oww! Gorgeous wedding photography for a Colorado countryside wedding!

Jalene is a STUNNING bride on her wedding day!

Love this wedding portrait of Jalene and Wes! Colorado wedding photography by a Colorado wedding photographer.

A beautiful and sweet couple:)

Wedding photography for Jalene and Wes’s countryside wedding in Colorado.

Loving Jalene’s fierce glance at the camera!

So sweet…

A little bridal party action.

Had to throw this one in there. 🙂 After I heard the camera of my second shooter click I said “Um….I’d prefer that you get different, better angles, than you very much” to which she quickly responded “Trust me, this is the best angle!” I bet to differ but I still thought it was funny.

Ceremony time!

Did I mention that this wedding took place out west? How cute are they??

A very pretty bridge that Jalene walked on! Colorado countryside wedding photography.

Here we go!

Jalene is a BEAUTIFUL bride and that little boy stole my heart with his smiles. Photography by a Colorado wedding photographer.

Such a joyful and genuine smile from Jalene!

Wes loved dancing!

The Groom and his men brought the house down with a little choreographed dance. How often do you see groomsmen dancing in sync??

Colorado wedding photography!

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  1. Alica, one of your best I’ve seen, girl. Love those getting ready shots. And that ring shot.

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