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This week…has been a week. One where heart strings have been tugged at, where each morning came with a new challenge, and one where I just felt like going back to bed and waking up when it’s all over. You know the kind of week I’m talking about, because we’ve all been there before. Yesterday morning I woke up to what looked like 6 inches of unexpected snow on the ground. I later found out that we had received nearly a foot….on a day that was supposed to be 60 degrees and sunny. In fact, I intended on spending the afternoon working on my new raised bed garden but, instead, the hose and wheelbarrow were completely covered with a fresh blanket of snow. It forced me to sit back and decide on other plans for the day. And as I was sitting there thinking about which tasks I should tackle, it was as though God Himself reached down from heaven, cupped my face in his hands and said the following:


“Wake up, child, for winter is over. This snow is a reminder that spring is coming and with that, new life, new hope, new joy. Though weeping may endure for the night, joy comes in the morning. So pick your head up, stop worrying about all the problems that surround you, and trust Me. Trust Me to be the one to get the work done, for in your own power it’s all for nothing.”


That unexpected snow was the exact reminder that I needed to lift my head up, to Him, and to breathe in deeper. I know I can trust Him, I know He will come through, but so often I rely on my own strength to carry me through. These past few months have been a doozy, and some that I’m not disappointed to leave behind. So today, as that winter snow melts into spring I choose…


Contentment instead of comparison

Trust instead of relying on my own strength

Rest instead of being a busy body

Vulnerability instead of resentment

Forgiveness instead of holding a grudge

Assurance instead of jealousy

Joy instead of sorrow




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