These kind of weeks.

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It’s these kind of weeks. The weeks that don’t have enough days, the days that don’t have enough hours, the hours that don’t have enough minutes, and the minutes that…well, you get the point. One week from today I depart to Denmark, which I am entirely excited about. However, in order to at least partly enjoy my trip there, I have a TON of things to get done before I leave. Sessions to shoot and edit, DVD’s to burn, albums to design, the list goes on and on. And for this week, in particular, I have a minute-by-minute plan. My to-do list is categorized and prioritized and I am on a mission to complete it so that come next Wednesday I can board my plane with a clear mind (ha! What a joke…) as I head eastward towards my home away from home.

But I should have known my plans would awry.

It started with a call from a friend who needed a break and was going to be in town. I welcome breaks like these, so I stayed up extra late last night to get a head start on my to-do list in order to meet him for lunch. However, it all went downhill from there. Upon leaving from lunch, a light started flashing on my dashboard.

Oh yes, you know the feeling. The feeling that something has gone terribly wrong but you have no idea what. No more than 20 minutes later I found myself lying under the hood of my car, mind you, dressed in nice clothes with hair and makeup looking perfect. Hands, arms and part of my face covered in car grease and splattered with coolant, attempting to remove the radiator hose that busted. I am kinda hardcore like that. Or there wasn’t a shop/part store anywhere close by to take my car to. You choose.

Needless to say, my minutes and hours started backing up quickly until I found myself with no choice but to walk to a local Starbucks as I waited for my dad to go to the ONLY place in CT that carried the particular hose I needed and bring it to me in Manchester. 5 hours later, and with steam coming out of both my ears and nose over wasted time, I got to thinking…

It is these kind of weeks. The weeks that don’t have enough days, the days that don’t have enough hours, and the hours that don’t have enough minutes. But it is these kind of weeks where sometimes it takes a busted hose to remind me that no matter how chaotic and crazy work/life may be it is both important and it is necessary to take a few minutes to pause, breathe, and shoot up a prayer of thanksgiving. Because weeks like these are what life is made of. There will never be an end to work, busyness, or chaos. And so it is important, even during weeks like these, to stop and smell the roses (or falling leaves during this particular month).

So my friends, here is to life unexpected. Life that is crazy. And life that is far from ordinary, but that I wouldn’t trade for the world….

  1. Crystal Davis says:

    You are a really great story-teller! Thanks for giving me a little perspective on the week I’m having 🙂

  2. Nicely said! and yes so very true….we have to sometimes just stop and think to ourselves it could always be worse and give thanks for our CRAZY, and HECTIC lives at times! hahahha

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