The pouch.

It happened.

Ever since I was 16 I loved working out. And ever since I was 16 I hated all things cardio. Treadmills, rowing machines, gliders…I hated them all. Anything that got my heart racing, my back sweating (gag!), and my head spinning was on my bad list. So for 10 years now I have stuck to what I know and what I enjoy – weight resistance training. Weights and I, you see, we are friends. We have this unspoken mutual understanding. Pretty sure they are not friends with cardio either.

But then it happened. As sure as the sun rises and sets each morning, a milestone that I had not looked forward to arrived. ┬áThe pouch. You see, although I am friends with weights, the pouch is not. The pouch is friends with cardio. And just as everyone predicted would happen, when I reached 25, the pouch ┬ádecided to rear its ugly face….er….flab? And as a result I has to rethink my workout routine because I know that the best way to get rid of the pouch is through cardio. I tried giving running a chance again. #fail. I tried fast-paced walking, and got bored. #fail. Lastly I tried those glider things but couldn’t seem to get the rhythm right. #fail. I felt like there was no hope, as though the pouch and I would unfortunately have a lifelong strained relationship.

And then I found it.

A cardio workout that is FUN and that I enjoy and that is actually effective.

Ladies and Gents, I have joined the party! And the pouch is slowly going back to where it belongs. Adios, Pouch! Seyonara! Arrivederci!

I am totally 100% a Zumba addict now. Loving every minute of it!

So, I am wondering if I am the only one who has joined the party? Anyone else out there a Zumba addict? Leave a comment if you are!

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