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Almost two years ago I posted a bucket list for my life. It’s not the end-all  list for everything I want to do and, mostly importantly, who I want to be but it’s a fun little list of some adventures I’d like to experience in this crazy dance called life. I was recently reminiscing over it and realized that, since my last update, I’ve crossed a LOT of these things off! There are a few more we will be checking off this year but, for now, I’m enjoying looking of how much fun I’ve had these last two years.


I would love to hear some of the thing son YOUR bucket list! Maybe, then, I’ll be adding a few ore to mine 🙂


1. Ride a zip line
2. Photograph a surprise military homecoming
3. Be featured in a magazine
4. Hike a 14’er
5. Bike East to West to raise money for a non-profit
6. Go clamming
7. Be a contestant on either Survivor, The Amazing Race, A wedding reality show, or A Birth Story
8. Go ice fishing
9. Be in a Flash Mob (And you can see the video, which I, unfortunately, am in a LOT here.
10. Visit New Zealand
11. Make six figures + in a single year
12. Go white water rafting
13. Learn how to rock climb
14. Fly first class. OMG…it was as amazing as they make it sound!!
15. Learn some sick karate moves
16. Bungee jump in Africa
17. Run a 5k
18. Do a flip off a jump while snowboarding (learn to snowboard first?)
19. Learn how to surf 
20. Speak at a WPPI
21. Get featured on Style Me PrettyDone!
22. Road trip around the country for at least 30 days stopping in Fort Myers, Dallas, Colorado, California, Minnesota, Seattle, Chicago, Niagara falls and any other place that I know people
23. Throw a party. And then some more. And then make sure it becomes routine.
24. Take salsa dancing lessons
25. Go to dinner with someone famous
26. Visit Australia
27. Be on tv
28. Go on a cruise
29. Get featured in Grace Ormonde Magazine
30. Have a magical wedding
31. Take ballroom dancing lessons
32. Photograph a wedding in India
33. Go skinny dipping in some remote jungle
34. Host weekly game nights
35. Get my motorcycle drivers permit
36. Read 1 book a month for 12 months in a row
37. Take a CPR class
38. Visit Malaysia. It was amazing!
39. Get my gun permit. And a gun.
40. Weigh 1_0lbs
41. Own a pair of  Badgley’s, Jimmy Choo’s or Louboutin’s.
42. Run a mile a day for 30 consecutive days
43. Be in a community theater musical
44. Visit my best friend in Turkey
45. Take a flying lesson
46. Have a years-worth of income in savings
47. Hire 4 photographers to work as associates under me
48. Sing a “girl power” song at a Karaoke bar, and dance on a table during it
49. Spend an hour on Kverkfjöll
50. Take Grandpa to Italy
51. Accumulate a decent bar stock and learn how to make some killer cocktails
52. Take pole dancing lessons. (What?!?! I hear it’s a great workout!)
53. Spend a month in Italy taking intensive Italian language classes
54. Hot air balloon ride over CT/MA during peak foliage
55. Get my gun/shooting permit. And a gun.
56. Find a way to get Bruce to meet Derek Jeter
57. Give birth to twins (unfortunately I have zero control over this)
58. Plant a garden that yields enough veggies to live off of
59. Watch all the “Godfather” movies in one day
60. Write a book…and get it published
61. Take a self portrait of myself once a month for an entire year
62. Speak at a women’s conference
63. Blog 5 times a week for at least 5 weeks in a row
64. Somehow convince my grandmother to come back to CT, even if just for a visit.
65. Own a nice car…for once.
66. Invent something to help the photography industry
67. Visit the Fiji Islands
68. Learn to grill meat properly
69. Shoot a wedding in Santorini, Greece
70. Do a creative shoot of my little siblings once a month for an entire year
71. No sugar for 30 days
72. Draw a blueprint for a dream home
73. Build that dream home
74. Mentor a new photographer from the start until he/she becomes “successful”
75. Sew a dress that I would actually wear
76. Attend a fashion show during  fashion week
77. Take ballroom dancing lessons
78. Buy something unexpected and amazing for Katie and Bill
79. Visit Alaska
80. Photograph a celebrity wedding (Taylor Swift?)
81. Go deer hunting, successfully.
82. Go cliff jumping in some exotic location overseas. MALTA!!!
83. Make flushmount albums of all my travels
84. Invent a product and take it to market
85. Build a tree fort for my siblings
86. Host monthly [fancy] dinner parties
87. Learn to play guitar well
88. Go winter camping
89. Own a natural light studio
90. Get both of my parents to come on a missions trip with me
91. Go Parasailing
92. Take Bionca to a spa for an entire day
93. Find a church home in America…and get involved with it
94. Learn how to knit
95. Take a drawing/painting class
96. Keep a gratitude journal and write in it once a day for an entire year
97. Plan a swanky New Years Eve Party
98. Go waterskiing
99. Learn to juggle
100. Give blood (need to plan this well since I can’t do so for 18 months after being in certain countries)
101. Write one note of encouragement on a postcard and mail it to someone, every week for a year

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