Star Shooter Honorable mention

I don’t exactly remember how it all started but somehow last year I heard about an organization called “Star Shooter.” Star Shooter is a non-profit for children who struggles with various issues, and allows them to express themselves and their emotions through photography. I thought it was BRILLIANT! I somehow managed to get in touch with the founder, Johnna Brynn, and we have developed a pretty cool online business/friend relationship since.

Each year Star Shooter holds a contest in order to raise money for the organization. This year when submitting for the contest I asked myself which images have moved me most. Not a second passed before I knew which photo I had to submit. Many of you remember my trip to Haiti back in May and how much it profoundly affected me. There is one images form that trip which really, to me, summed it all up in a nutshell. I’ll never forget seeing that teddy bear lying in a pile of trash with flies buzzing around it and both children and hogs playing amongst the filth. I submitted the photo, and did not think much about until I received an email yesterday saying it had received an honorable mention in this years contest. I was so excited!

I would encouraged you to head over to Star Shooter and check them out!

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