Spring is on it’s way!!!

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Now I don’t know about you but all this sunny weather has got me thinking about Spring. When February 2 came around I thought that adorable little Groundhog was going to come out and want to commit suicide, but alas, maybe he was right after all! I could not believe it when I stepped out of my apartment on VALENTINE’S DAY to 60 degree weather! I whipped off my down coat with a cheeky grin on and exclaimed “Well, hello sunshine, how you doin’?” I almost went back into my place to change into a tank top and short but I thought maybe that would be a bit overkill. Instead, I did what I do best – I fake shopped online and then put the items together as an inspiration board. Speaking from experience, it is much more responsible to fake shop online than to real shop. It’s just WHY DO ALL THE CUTE CLOTHES HAVE TO BE SO EXPENSIVE AND….WELL, CUTE?!?! *sigh*

Welcome to my world of fake shopping via my Spring Board. Get it? Spring board!! I digress…

1. Nothing says “welcome Spring” like a little knit dress like this one from Forever 21. I pretty much adore dresses in general but I loved the understated feel to this one. Because, you know, for the most part “understated” is a term I know nothing about.

2. I dream of Spring picnics and frolicking through fields of wildflowers hand in hand with the love of my life by my side and this basket swinging by my side. Except that at the mere mention of “frolicking” he would probably roll his eyes, sigh and say “oh my…”

3. iPhone 4 for Verizon, need I say more? Adam and I just got them and we are smitten in love. With each other of course… almost as much as our new iPhones. Words with Friends anyone??? a_candelora is where you can find me. Be prepared to go down.

4. This bathing suit from J. Crew is really what started it all. I have a thing for bathing suits. I, honest to God, think I own almost 20. and. i. never. wear. any. of. them. I am committing to wearing every single one of them this summer. Which, in turn, means I am committing to actually taking time off to go to the beach and/or the pool that my parents want to put in their backyard.

5. So when I was in Malta with my friend, Katie, I bought a lace parasol. I don’t know why I bought it, but it was just too pretty not to. Maybe I could have it rest over one shoulder while frolicking through those fields of wildflowers…while hold the basket, while hand in hand with Adam. On second thought…

6. Hillsong has a new album!!!! YAY! This, my friends, has taken over Taylor Swift’s “Speak now” album that has been on repeat since it was released. *gasp* It’s THAT good.

7. …And what’s a picnic without a gorgeous blanket from Twine Organics?

8. In our church’s small group we just started this book. I look forward to reading through it from now through the end of April. And I like that it is a Christian book called “Scandalous.” 😉

9. In 2010 I shot all my weddings in 4 inch heals. #majorfail This year I am going to plan ahead by buying some super cute flats. I think I well start with these adorable grey sandals from Old Navy.

10. Last year I got relentlessly made fun of for my favorite pair of shorts, so I decided that I probably should invest in a more stylish pair this year. These khaki ones from The Gap should hopefully keep me from being on the fashion police hit list.

11. We all know that a little breeze is likely to pass through during Spring, so covering up with this cutesyyellow cardigan from Banana Republic should suffice.

So, tell me, what is something that is on YOUR Spring wish list??? Leave the link below!

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