Sneak peek – Leah + Michael

Leah and Michael’s Jewish Hasidic wedding in Sharon, MA yesterday was one I will never ever forget. I got into my car late last night, exhausted after a weekend of weddings, but my spirit was alive and my faith renewed. I can’t wait to share this entire wedding with you, but for now a few sneak peek’s will have to do….

Jewish hasidic wedding photographerLeah started of the morning in quiet calmness reading her prayers with nobody but her parents and brother at home. Jewish hasidic wedding photographer One of the first parts of the Hasidic wedding ceremony is the veiling of the bride. This was the first time that Leah and Michael had seen or spoken to each other in over a week. Leah wore this veil through the end of the wedding ceremony. undefinedJewish hasidic wedding photographerUp until their wedding day, Leah and Michael had never touched each other – not even holding hands. Their portraits reflect that discipline of not touching until their wedding night. They can, however stand close to each other, and I can imagine that was really exciting for both Leah and Michael since they had not touched at all before.

  1. Deborah Zoe says:

    I can’t wait to see more!!! These are beautiful:)!

  2. Tzippy says:

    This was the most amazing wedding, I will always remember it. So close to home.

  3. Ruth and Byron Krieger says:

    Bubby and Zayde are so very proud of our wonderful family! Evelyn was certainly our firstborn blessing. She has blessed us ever since! Everyone remarked how sweet and enjoyable this simcha. May we share many more ym”H

  4. Rochel S says:

    These pictures are wonderful. I can’t wait to see more!

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