Sneak peek: Derek + Christine’s Branford House wedding in Groton, CT

It’s like all of the technology in the world has formed a choir and in unison has sung a song about ganging up on Alicia. No, seriously. I had this awesome schedule of things to blog last week including 4 amazing weddings, a few witty personal posts, and 2 fantastic GTKY shoots. But the world of technology was not about to let me have my way. And I’m the eldest of a lot of kids so it should go without saying that I am used to getting my way. Between my wireless internet mysteriously not working, my computer making this horrendous clicking (ie: “I’m on my last leg”) sounds, my online gallery software totally wigging out, and my blogging application completely crashing….I am way behind. But finally today the harmonies have broken and the technology choir is at least throwing me a bit of a bone. And just in time because I have a sneak peek of an incredible wedding to show you!

This past Saturday Derek and Christine said “I do” under an incredible sky at the most beautiful of wedding venues in CT – The Branford House. I know I say this a lot but this may have been one of my favorite weddings of the year. It was my final wedding in New England for the season (Destination weddings only from here on out) and it was a doozy! The weather was beyond perfect, the couple was amazing, and the venue was spectacular!

Three generations of beautiful women.The light at the Branford House was absolutely spectacular!Isn’t this one of the most gorgeous venues you’ve ever seen??

  1. Mary Prouty says:

    GOOSEBUMPS!!!! I knew you’d do a fantastic job! I am so happy for Derek and Christine and Sophia and cannot wait to see the rest of them!

  2. Such a great couple + fun wedding!! so happy I got to shoot it with you Alicia!!!! =)

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