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Excerpt from my journal last year:


“I sat and thumbed my way through catalogues from Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Macy’s and Sears. Circling items that jumped out at me so that I could later look them up and pin them to my Pinterest boards that sum up what has somehow crept its way into becoming very important to me. Finally, a life long dream of mine was soon to be realized. I always wanted a home of my own to decorate and entertain people. Ultimately, I want a home of peace and stillness, where people can come and relax and leave feeling refreshed. But somewhere in the midst of the heart of the dream I became caught up in the game that is played so well by the American people. A game of consumerism. Of want-more-get-more-want-more. A never ending cycle of keeping up with the Jonses. I reasoned in my head that both Adam and I work long and hard, dedicating a huge part of ourselves to our jobs and, therefore, we deserved to have all of this nice new furniture. We were overwhelmed with how generous our friends and family were with their weddings gifts and I rationalized that the gifts were meant for us to spend on ourselves and our home. But deep down, something inside of me wasn’t sitting right. I was unsettled. And that unsettling turned into a tension that has been weighing on my shoulders and heart a lot these last few weeks. On a whim, I purchased the book “7”, per the recommendation of a friend. I secretly planned to not read it until AFTER we had finished furnishing and decorating our home because I knew deep down that the book would mess me up in this very area. But against my better judgment, I began reading it last week. And mess me up, it did.

All over again, my heart is being broken. For those who are “less fortunate” (although many, including myself, would argue that they are so much more fortunate). For those who are forgotten. For the homeless and the disowned. For the abandoned and the abused. And for the sickening fact that somehow over the last few years my heart has reached a climax of the ugliness that is greed, envy, and a desire for more when there is a world out there of people – humankind – who have not even so much as a piece of bread for dinner.”

Our last Simply Love trip to Ecuador was a trip that forever changed the lives of every team member who went. 8 days away from life as we know it, learning about people of another culture. 8 days that helped us all refocus. Today I’m announcing our 2015 trip and this is the blog posts that, without doubt, gets me more excited than any other post every year. Because I know the impact. I know what 8 days in Ecuador will do to and for you. I know how it will change your heart and your life. And, this year, although I’ve been on many of these trips, I’m so anxious and ready for it to change me all over again. Because I’ve spent too long now letting myself become what society has pressured me into becoming.

Will you join me and 19 other people for 8 days in a trip that will change your life?

For all the important details including FAQ’s, cost, and more about Bless an Orphan, visit our website and watch the video below. Trip dates are April 11-18, 2015.

If you are even slightly considering that this trip may be for you, email me. If you are really scared but have a slight desire to join us, email me. If you want your world to be completely rocked for the better, fill out the application on our Simply Love website.

I look forward to going to Ecuador with YOU!

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  1. Sabrina says:

    Hey Alicia! 🙂 So exciting! Do you guys have a departure date scheduled/in mind?

  2. Beautiful – I love your heart for people!

  3. Also – I read 7 last fall…YEP. Right there with you on the excess and the technology and the food…gah!

  4. Vanessa says:

    Your awesome! I wish I could join you, but it is on my bucket list for sure. Your an amazing person and I’m fortunate to have met you!

  5. Beth Daane says:

    Absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing and producing such a fantastic video so that we could SEE all the goodness you were working on! I feel like a little piece of me was there with you. (It was so special to see our shirts on everyone!) I’m so excited for all you are doing!

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