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I was scared to death earlier this year when I announced that we would be taking a trip to Ecuador. I was afraid that nobody would sign up to come, and that my words would fall on the pavement and shatter. As though not another soul reading this blog would share my heart and desire to help the less fortunate. I was so scared that I almost didn’t post it. Almost didn’t hit “publish”. And almost robbed people of an opportunity that changed their lives.

But I did it. I pushed past my fears, hit that publish button, and was floored at the response. Our team of 10 filled up in less than two weeks and before I knew it, we were on out way to Tena, Ecuador, for a week that would drastically reshape the way each of us viewed the rest of our life.

And now, we are going back. And we want YOU to come with us! We will spend 8 days working, again, with Bless an Orphan…and organization we have grown to love. We will depart NYC on January 12 and return on the 19th. The team is strictly limited to 20 people and, considering how fast the last team filled up and how great an experience it was, I’d highly encourage you to apply ASAP if you are thinking of joining.

For all the important details including FAQ’s, cost, and more about Bless an Orphan, visit our website and watch the video below.

If you are even slightly considering that this trip may be for you, email me. If you are really scared but have a slight desire to join us, email me. If you want your world to be completely rock for the better, fill out the application on our Simply Love website.

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  1. Deborah Zoe says:


  2. Vanessa says:

    How awesome! I wish I could go! I will join you in my life time. That’s one of my goals in life it give back! This is amazing cant wait to start gathering things for the children!!!

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