She just gets me….

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Some days I feel like I’ve got it all together, like everyone is on my side and like everything is going perfectly. And then it happens. In a matter of days….or hours….or sometimes even minutes. My perfect little world crashes down. I realize I missed a deadline. I get overwhelmed with my to-do list that was shrinking, but then exploded. My HUGE order of business packaging items come in the mail…in the wrong color.

We all have those days….or weeks….or months. Hopefully none of us have those years. 😉

And in these times, we often turn to comfort. Something that is familiar. Something or someone we know will accept us. Someone or something that just “gets” us.

The other day I was hiking with Adam up Black Pond in Middletown, CT. We brought the two dogs with us because it was a nice day, and they just love hiking. My parents have an adorable yellow lab who is the teddy bear of the family. He’s not the brightest crayon in the box or the sharpest tool in the shed, but he is super sweet. And then there is my dog, Mattie.

Mattie is a unique dog. You see, I don’t think she actually knows she is a dog. She is the kind of dog that will look at you when going to bed as if to say “Um, excuse me, but you are taking up the whole bed. Move over so I can jump up.” And then she will promptly jump up, get under the covers, and put her head on the pillow. Yeah. What dog does that? Mattie does. And she probably does that because she knows that as gross as it is, I would rather sleep with a dog next to me than nobody next to me. She just gets me.

She is the kind of dog that will cuddle on the couch with you while watching a movie and “talk” to you. No, seriously, she talks. She will lay there and kinda moan and whine and whimper and make all these strange noises. And if you don’t talk back to her, she gets frustrated. I really wonder if she understands the conversation sometimes. But regardless, she always knows when I just need to talk. She just gets me.

Mattie is my comfort. She is the one who, no matter how much people are annoyed with me or frustrated with me, she is always there. She smiles….no, seriously, she does. And she is always excited to see me when I walk in the door. I could go out to get the mail, and when I come inside it is though she hasn’t seen me in 3 months. Sometimes I step out to “get the mail” just so I can get my confidence boosted a bit. She just gets me.

Now, I am sure I am not the only one out there who has a dog that just “gets” them. So, tell me about your dog. The one you have now, or the one you had as a kid. Tell me your favorite story or memory with that dog.

They really are our best friends sometimes, huh?

Here’s to all the “Mattie’s” out there…

Nap time.

Who wouldn’t love a face like that?

This face says “Whoops, I am not supposed to be chewing this, am I?”

We taught her to love “Friends” from an early age.

I came home one day to find that she somehow managed to get the bottom of her collar stuff in her mouth. it was pretty much the most hilarious thing I have ever seen. She looks mean in one of the photos, but her mouth was just kinda stuck like that. I laughed so hard, took some pictures, an the helped her. 🙂

This is how Mattie sleeps….pretty much all the time!

  1. Ingelise says:

    Man I miss that dog. Her craziness and personality. Her waiting at the door when you come in and jumping up in the window when you whistle for her. She is the most adorable, cute and clever dog in the whole world and each of this photos makes me remember the occasion when it was taken and why. Makes me laugh and cry a bit – there is simply no dog like Mattie

  2. Brandy Frank says:

    Mattie is so cute! our chocolate lab Ava also thinks she is a human. I’m pretty sure she has no idea she is a dog! 🙂

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