Saphire Estate wedding in Sharon, MA | Kristy + Adam (part 3)

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Saphire Estate wedding in Sharon, MA

I got the call at nearly midnight the night before. Val Mccormick’s second shooter had become ill and she asked if I would be willing to photograph a wedding with her starting at the Four Points Sheraton in Norwood, MA, and ending at the Saphire Estate in Sharon, MA. With just a few hours to charge my batteries and rearrange some plans I had for the following day, I settled in for a few hours of sleep before heading out early in the morning.

I had no idea what to expect, as I knew very little abut the wedding, and nothing about the couple.

When I got there, however, I instantly felt like I was amongst friends. Because that is just the way their families are. Everyone who was present from the start of the day at the Four Points Sheraton in Norwood all the way until the end at the Saphire Estate in Sharon knew that there was an unmistakable sense of family there. There were tears – lots of them – shed by many. There were smiles – even more of them – shown by everyone.

It was a happy day, a day they had been anxiously and eagerly waiting for. And as the eldest and first to get married on both sides, Kristy and Adam set the standard for what weddings in that family would be like from then on. She danced slowly with her father, tears streaming down both their cheeks. No words were said, but her fathers eyes clearly spoke the words “I am losing my baby girl…but to the right guy.” She danced a number or two to Michael Jackson with her little brother, who may or may not have been a backup dancer for MJ (ok…he wans’t…but could have been). He held his mom tight as she hugged him right before he walked to the front of the ceremony site. His twin brother patted him on the back on the way to the ceremony as if to say “You are marrying the perfect girl for you.”

It was everything a wedding should be – happy, joyful, tearful, beautiful, and memorable.

The ground of the Saphire Estate were absolutely GORGEOUS for a wedding, and the lighting was spectacular.

And here we go…

One of the reasons I love outdoor weddings is because there is a LOT more flexibility with moving around, therefore offering the option of getting some cool angle shots.

Some heartfelt readings from close family members.

The heavens were most definitely shining down on the Saphire Estate that day! GORGEOUS light!

Instead of a unity candle, Kristy and Adam did unity wine – pouring the white and red wine together, and then drinking it.

After the ceremony was done, we stayed behind for some portraits on the grounds of the Saphire Estate, just as the sun was setting.

A little first dance action…

Emotional parents dances

A little LOT of dancing action to end what was a perfect day. Check out some of those moves by Kristy….

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  1. Their portraits are fabulous. Amazing job. And how about that light? I love me some warm, glowy afternoon light!

  2. Thanks for the blog love you left this morning – you are sweet! And I wanted to say that you did a fabulous job on these! Wow, great use of lighting and just an overall journalistic feel to this beautiful wedding. Love it! Cute blog! =)

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