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I want a yacht and, really, that’s not a lot. Been an angel all year.

Ok, so maybe asking for a yacht is a bit much, especially considering that I live in Connecticut, but I know for a fact that Santa (aka, My parents and Adam) still have some shopping to do. They insist that I am extremely difficult to buy for, and I insist that they are crazy. Jewelry, shoes, cooking gadgets…and BAM, just like that I’m happy. But in case they get a brain fart and forget I’ve told them that…eh…a million and two times, I compiled a board of some of the things I’d love to unwrap this year. You know, since photographers make boards instead of lists…

1. Ticket to Ride – Nordic countries. Last year when we were in Montana visiting friends, they introduced us to TTR and we have since become addicted. I’d love the Nordic countries version, though, because…well, one of the stops is Copenhagen. 🙂
2. A new ski jacket. Last year I used Adam’s shell, which was great, but I think this year I want a sick looking jacket to match my sick skills on the slopes. Ok, ok, so the truth is that my skills need just a bit of improvement so I figure that if I’m wipe out a ton, i might as well look cute while doing so.
3. Chocolate fountain. Must have for any entertaining enthusiast, of which I consider myself. You could be a boring as heck hostess but if you have a chocolate fountain, your guests will always come back. Truth.
4. These boots from Anthopologie. ‘Nuf said.
5. When we were in Singapore we were appalled that there was literally a Rolex store on every corner. They were more common than 7-eleven. Along with every other high end watch brand out there. While my taste isn’t so high end as Rolex, I did fall in love with this watch from Skagen. Major bonus points that it is Danish design.
6. I’m totally guilty of talking on the phone while driving, so I think having a bluetooth would help rid me of my drivers guilt.
7. Compatibility. My parents had this game when we were younger and I remember it being so much fun. I’m a bit of a board game fanatic and would love to add this one to my collection.
8. Kitchen aid accessory set. Again, any cooking or baking gadgets are A-ok in my book. Would love to get this dough hook and whisk.

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