Rebekka + Mikkel, Part 3 – The ceremony

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Holckenhavn Slot bryllup, Nyborg, Denmark

The doors opened from the back of the room and the tension was felt by everyone. This wedding already had a lot of expectations. But this moment, well, this was the moment they had all been waiting for. Especially him. Before he even saw her, tears began rolling down his cheeks. His mom squeezed his arm and his best man gave him a big hug. And then the moment came. She walked through the door, a smile from ear to ear, and looked to the front of the room toward him. I am not sure there was a dry eye in the building. Mikkel cried so hard. I can only imagine what he was thinking – probably something along the lines of Thank you, thank you, God” – because before him, walking down that aisle, was the absolute most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. An in just a few minutes, he would promise forever to her.

Rebekka and Mikkel’s wedding ceremony was so absolutely beautiful. So full of love, so full of support. The message, given by Rebekka’s father, was just perfect. And the music was breathtaking!

Here is part 3 of Rebekka and Mikkel’s wedding at Holckenhavn Slot in Nyborg, Denmark. 🙂 Thanks so much to Amanda of Amanda Thomsen Photo for second shooting this wedding with me!!

Mikkel came riding into Holckenhavn Slot (castle) on horseback, right a the guests were all arriving – setting the tone for their Disney Fairy Tale themed wedding. Because, you know, that is what a prince does, right?

Instead of rings and flowers, these junior attendants carried doves and ducks. 🙂

The 4 year old flower girl may or may not have needed a little pep talk 🙂

Here we go!

Here is part 3 of Rebekka and Mikkel's wedding at Holckenhavn Slot in Nyborg, Denmark
The moment everyone had been waiting for!

The main room where wedding ceremonies are held at Holckenhavn Slot was just so absolutely beautiful! Bryllyp ceremonies at Holckenhavn Slot i Nyborg
The main room where wedding ceremonies are held at Holckenhavn Slot was just so absolutely beautiful!

Best wedding music ever! Rebekka’s sister and brother, Sabina and Simon, sang for a good part of the ceremony and it was incredible!

The brains behind the whole event and good friends of mine – Andreas and Helena Mathew of Dawn Events. Andreas is Rebekka’s older brother.

Love the way Mikkel is looking at her through the whole ceremony!

A proud papa!

Prayer by the parents of the bride and groom. I love when couples have their parents pray over them!

Sabina and Simon Mathew sang the most beautiful rendition of “The prayer” that I have ever heard. It was so powerful! Simon was the winner of Melodi Grand Prix a few years ago, which is the Danish equivalent to American Idol. Needless to say, this is an extremely talented family.

The final wedding hymn…

Husband and wife!!

holckenhavn slot bryllup
Love this shot!

Stay tuned for parts 4 and 5, coming either later today or early tomorrow 🙂

  1. GingerMurray says:

    Fabulous, fabulous!!! Just beautiful. So many amazing shots. And the pic of the smallest flower girl/bridesmaid made me laugh:) Love that pout.

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