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So the day has arrived. This day is great for two reasons. #1 – I just saw some of the head shots that we had taken last week and I am SUUUPER excited about them! I would send you a link but you are just going to have to wait 10 more days before you get the sneak peek of the new brand via head shots. For now, know that if you snoop around just a bit, you will pretty easily find them 🙂 Reason #2 that today is a great day – I have been BUSTING AT THE SEAMS waiting to show you guys this wedding!! This wedding of Rebekka and Mikkel was held at the castle of Holckenhavn in Nyborg, Denmark. I posted a bit on facebook when it was happening that it was of epic proportions and believe you me, it was. So much so that after culling through the images six times, I still was only able to narrow it down to 350 favorite photos. I started with 1000 favorites. Usually I choose 100. This wedding just had so much going on and, as I have pointed out before, those Danes know how to party. As in 17 hours. It is really hard to choose just 100 images from a 17 hour day. So, we will break this wedding up into 5 posts and I am quite certain you won’t be disappointed.

When I was contacted by Andreas and Helene Mathew of Dawn Events about shooting this wedding, I knew it was going to be incredible. They are good friends of mine and some of the top event planners in all of Denmark. Yes, I said that. In all of Denmark. Helene sent me and inspiration board that was to die for and said the theme would be “A Disney Fairy Tale”. Now I know what you’re think. “Disney fairy tale”? Ok, let’s add a little more cheese. But ladies and gents, this was Disney done right. Disney the way Mr. Walt would have been proud of.

I will write a bit more of the story as we go along with each of the five posts of this wedding, but for now I want to wet your appetite by showing you the scene of it all. Here are a few images of the location of the wedding, at Holckenhavn Slot (castle) in Nyborg, Denmark.

The theme for the wedding was set when the guests all received an old fashioned, wax sealed, formal invitation from “the king and queen” to the wedding of Prince Mikkel and Princess Rebekka, complete with the wax being sealed with their monogram. You know, just like you would see in any Disney movie. 🙂

Holckenhavn Slot had so many beautiful details around the castle that I just had to photograph some of them. I kinda wanted to stick the chaise in my suitcase to bring home. Except that it clearly would not have fit. And that would have been stealing.

The programs set out in the ceremony hall, once again, complete with their monogram.

This is the room that both the ceremony and reception were held in. It was so pretty with the sunlight pouring in from the sides!

In Denmark it is tradition to have to bride walk down the aisle and sit opposite her groom, next to her father while the groom is sitting across, next to his best man or father. These were the chairs for the groom and his best man.

I loved some of the old paintings that were around the castle.

The main staircase had banisters that were made of the softest velvet I have ever felt in my life. Every time I walked up or down them, I made sure to slide my hand the entire way.

So I have always had a thing for ceiling to floor libraries. LOVE THEM! And you know I had to take a picture of the only English book in the entire library.

Moving on to the outside of Holckenhavn Slot which was equally, if not more, beautiful than the inside.

A princess deserves to get married in the beautiful of castles and, this one, well let’s just say that it was a perfect castle for Rebekka!

Stay tuned for part 2, the getting ready part of the day. In the meantime, if you are new around these parts of the woods, go ahead an head over to facbeook and “like” our page so that you can be the first to hear about part 2 of Rebekka and Mikkel’s Disney fairy tale wedding at Holckenhavn Slot in Nyborg, Denmark.

  1. Karen Stott says:

    Oh my word Alicia!!!! You have stolen my heart. These images are beyond fabulous. I told Isaac he could never understand my love for this post because it wasn’t his homeland… ha ha ha…. hugs sweets! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!

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