Rebekka + Mikkel, Part 5 – The reception

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This lovely Danish Disney themed wedding is, unfortunately, coming to a close. I hope you all have enjoyed seeing the images from this epic wedding. 🙂 The last post is on the reception. This is where they took the Disney theme over the top! At the very start of cocktail hour there was duel in the courtyard between Mikkel and the villains who were trying to capture Rebekka. A full on sword fight which Mikkel, of course, won. He then rode off into the Danish countryside (for portraits!) on horseback with his prized bride sitting on front of him. The guests were thoroughly entertained! During cocktail hour there were “servants” walking around, red glitter on their cheeks, and in old fashioned apron costumes. The servers were dusting people off and being very theatrical, in general. It was quite entertaining, to say the least. As cocktail hour came to a close “Lumiere” came in to introduce himself as the toastmaster for the evening. He also introduced “Mrs. Potts” who, after greeting some of the guests, broke out into “Be our guest” (Beauty and the Beast). The servers and Lumiere all joined in singing “be our guest, be our guests….” as they escorted the guests from the cocktail hour lounge room up into the dining room. it was, without a doubt, one of the most entertaining and unique elements I have seen at a wedding. The guests all had a look of wonder on their faces, as though it was their first time walking through Disney’s Magic Kingdom. The night continued with a lot fo special toasts and presentations before the dessert bar was opened up. Disney did not stop at “be our guest” because behind the elaborate dessert table were hand mimes and a ballerina, all dressed in red (the color for the evening). From dessert guests were escorted into the dance hall where a fantastic band (joined briefly by the bride and groom!) entertained guests for hours. It was, indeed, a magical evening.

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Traditional Danish “lagerkage” and not so traditional “muffins” (cupcakes), sprinkled with confectionary sugar and white chocolate bark.

In Denmark the cake is cut during cocktail hour, so guests get dessert before dinner and then dessert again after dinner. I may be biased, but I kinda love this tradition. 🙂

This man stood at the door to the cocktail hour and slammed that stick on the ground twice each time a new person and announced them into the room. *bang, bang* “Introducing Prince Mikkel and Princess Rebekka”, “Lord Jens and Dame Helena”, etc. It was pretty entertaining.

The duel begins!

You can see for yourself that the guests were just loving every moment of this wedding!

Check out Mikkel’s fancy footwork.

During cocktail hour, I stole a little peek of Mikkel and Rebekka practicing their bridal waltz in the main suite at Holckenhavn slot.

Mrs. Potts and Lumiere introducing themselves.

Lumiere entertaining the guests. In case you couldn’t tell, there was hardly a moment during this entire wedding that the guests were not utterly entertained and enjoying themselves.


Escorting the guests upstairs into the dining hall.

Mrs. Potts and the servants continued singing all the way through the castle. They were all wearing wireless microphones and the sound system played through the entire building, so it worked perfectly.

The set up of the dining hall.

Once again making use of their monogram

It is pretty traditional in Denmark to sing the blessing over the meal, so Rebekka led the guests in a song of thanksgiving.

Another tradition in Denmark is during the reception guests get up and give speeches, toasts, sing songs, and play games. They come prepared with these ahead of time. It is not required for everyone to have something prepared, except for the groom. It is imperative, and a highlight of the wedding, when the groom gives his speech. Mikkel not only gave a speech, but also wrote and sang a song for Rebekka.

Just like in America, when guests clink their glasses, the bride and groom have to kiss. Except in Denmark they have to stand on their chairs for it. And when guests start stomping their feet on the ground, the bride and groom have to go under the table to kiss.

One of the highlights from the day was when Rebekka’s niece got up to sing “When you wish upon a star” together with her aunt Sabina. There was hardly a dry eye in the room – it was the sweetest thing I have ever heard.

Some of these Danish speeches are pretty funny…

Time for some fun! The bride and groom joined the band for a couple numbers.

The night was concluded by Rebekka and Mikkel singing “I’ve had the time of my life” which was absolutely perfect as a closer for the event!

Rebekka and Mikkel, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your day. The was so much fun and so entertaining but, more than that, your love for each other and for your friends and family was so very evident. THAT is what made your day such a joy to be a part of!

  1. Kimberly says:

    They are seriously going to make the prettiest babies one day. Beautiful couple, beautiful wedding, beautiful photos! I get more and more excited to have you a part of our big day with every post 🙂

  2. Ana says:

    Nice couple! Beautiful images, every single one of these 🙂

  3. Emilia Jane says:

    Just wow. Love her jacket, the singing, everything.

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