Alicia Ann Daw is a film & digital wedding photographer who specializes in New York City and European destination weddings. With over 15 years of experience photographing weddings, she's spent two decades globetrotting to over 37 countries and working with clients around the world. She delivers images that are effortlessly romantic and chic, telling a story about the start of your heritage in a way that will leave you in awe.


I remember the day clearly. My boss sat down with me and told me that my big goals were not enough – I needed to create milestones. I didn’t like that. I am a big-picture girl of sorts and here he was telling me that I needed to set up mini-stop points for myself and the program I was running. I didn’t like it because I felt like by setting up these mini-goals, I would lose focus of the overall goal. I was wrong. Instead, setting up milestones helped me shoot for the next small goal which in turn helped us reach our long term goals.

When I decided to go full time with photography, I took that principle (Thank you, Mikael!) and applied it to my business. I knew where I wanted to be in X-amount of years, but I did not entirely know who to get there…so I went back to the Milestone theory. I created these mini goals for my business that would help me get to the place I wanted to be. One of those milestones was getting featured online.

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely Jessica over at Destination Inspirations asking if she could feature Tianna and Jeremy’s wedding in West Palm Beach. I was elated! Of COURSE she could do that! And then recently I had the privilege of speaking at our monthly Connecticut Photographers meeting (Milestone #7. Check!) on the topic of being a “Go-giver.” After I was done speaking a nice man named Seshu came and asked if I would be willing to be a guest writer on his blog Tiffinbox on the same topic.

I am so thrilled and honored to be featured on other blogs, and I look forward to having that done more in the future!

For now….here is to reaching Milestones. 😉

  1. Congrats! Well deserved and I loved your talk at PUG!!

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