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I have this terrible habit. It’s a habit of bringing my camera with me whenever I travel but rarely taking pictures. And what’s terrible about this habit of mine is that one of my most favorites things to do – explore the world – doesn’t get documented. It’s only when I return home that I wish I took my camera out more. Unfortunately, our honeymoon was no exception. Fail. However, we did manage to take the camera out on the last day and snap a few shots of the gorgeous beach and us having some fun in and around them. There are a few swimsuit pictures below, which I’m not usually keen on posting but let’s be honest….we were in Mexico, on the beach. We didn’t wear much else beside swimsuits. And beside, we worked wicked hard at eating right and getting in shape before the wedding, so a few swimsuit pics were needed to prove to myself that living on kale and chicken was worth it.

I give you, our honeymoon…in pictures

The view from our room. Not too shabby, if you ask me!
I was kinda in love with this lifeguard tower. If I got to sit in a tower like that every day, I would maybe consider giving up photography to be a lifeguard. Except that I’m not too great a swimmer. Minor detail.I think these were try 865 and 866 of a self timed picture.Enjoying the gorgeous beaches and crazy huge waves.Favorites. I love how in the first picture you can see how big the waves were and in the second one you can tell the force. These images would’ve only been better if you could’ve seen Adam’s facial expressions.Even at f/2.8 strangers can’t seem to focus the camera. At least the composition is acceptable.One of the best dinners I’ve ever had and an incredible experience at Fred’s House. You know it’s good when you walk away asking yourself how you can translate that service and experience into your own business.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Love it! <3 so many smiles! Just beautiful!

  2. Mary Prouty says:

    FANTASTIC PICTURES! I forgot that your wedding already happened; I hope it was everything you dreamed of. I cannot wait to see a few pictures of the bride and groom!! BEST WISHES FOR A LIFETIME OF HAPPINESS!!!!!

  3. aundrea says:

    Chicken and kale … totally worth it! YOU LOOK AMAZING!

  4. Tim Waples says:

    WOW!! You two look great!!

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