Meet Katie + Mike

Coming to you this gorgeous Friday afternoon where things are buzzing in the studio because today we are filming a promo video for our glamour brand, Alicia Ann Couture. But before we started with hair, makeup, and gorgeous girls…I wanted to show you a session Rachel did with some of our ADORABLE 2014 clients. I met Katie and Mike a while back and, as soon as I met them, I knew that a.) they were meant to be together and, b.) we were meant to be their photographers. Katie and Mike have a young, vivacious, energetic, sweet love that the world needs to see more of. The way the my look at each other, support each other, and laugh together is such a breath of fresh air. I also have always thought that ginger haired girls were automatically so much more beautiful, so instantly Katie had my heart.

Meet Katie + Mike!

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