Meet Jessica + Ryan

Alicia Ann Daw is a film & digital wedding photographer who specializes in New York City and European destination weddings. With over 15 years of experience photographing weddings, she's spent two decades globetrotting to over 37 countries and working with clients around the world. She delivers images that are effortlessly romantic and chic, telling a story about the start of your heritage in a way that will leave you in awe.


They met on an unsuspecting night at a Hockey Tournament in Stamford. Ryan was playing on a team with some of Jess’ friends from high school and afterwards the team went to Ryan’s apartment across the street to celebrate. Jess received a call from her friend Brian, inviting her to the party. Upon arriving in the freezing rain, Jess called up to be let in. Brian sent down his teammate Ryan to open the door.

That night, the two played games, went dancing and ate late night diner food. One thing is for sure, it was love – and fun! – at first sight.

Meet Jess and Ryan.


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