Meet Greg + Agnes

We are starting your new year off right with the cozy Central park engagement pictures of Agnes and Greg. When Agnes and Greg first contacted me, I already knew that they would be the kind of clients who were both easy and fun to work with. They are both laid back, simple, and in general, great people. And after Rachel did their engagement session, she confirmed what I already knew to be true, that Greg and Agnes were just two wonderful people who were fortunate enough to find someone equally as amazing as the other.

although their wedding will be in CT this summer, they wanted to do their session in NYC, a place that they love going together.

  1. Rawaan says:

    Congratulations! You both look so wonderful. xx

  2. Tammi says:

    You guys look great! Wonderful pictures!

  3. Christina says:

    Lovely pics! You guys are an adorable couple!

  4. Rob says:

    Nice pics! Love the one on the blanket with the medical equipment!

  5. Rebecca Hughes says:

    Great pictures, guys!

  6. Coby says:


  7. Anthony Marconi says:

    Great pics! Congrats Greg!

  8. Laura says:

    So wonderful to see these happy pictures! Congratulations!!! xo

  9. Eric B says:

    Congratulations, Greg!

  10. Andrena says:


  11. drew frederick says:

    Awesome pix!

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