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If love were a color I believe it would be Nantucket Red. Not just any old red, like that of the Valentine’s sort, but a slightly muted hue of warm crimson with a touch of grey. It would best be represented on the rocky coast of New England while the summer breeze is warm and the sun sets slowly into a hazy sky. Accompanied by navy of various forms – dresses, cardigans and bauble necklaces – and would be closely related to Sperry topsiders. In fact, they would probably be cousins. Worn by preppy young folks who dream big dreams as they breathe in deeply the salty ocean air. That is, of course, if love were a color.

Love may not be a color but when I see Elizabeth and Brendan and the love they share, it reminds me of all the things above. A warm and cozy kind of love that you can feel both in the tingling of your toes down and in the depths of your soul. It’s a love tried and true, one that is certain to last and leave a strong legacy.

This weekend Rachel will be shooting Elizabeth and Brendan’s wedding which has been perfectly coordinated by Always and Forever Weddings, but before they go off to have a gorgeous wedding we wanted to spend some time with the two love birds capturing who they are now and enjoying that salty ocean air at Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven.

Meet Elizabeth + Brendan

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