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I usually write up a blurb about each couple as I intro their engagement session blog post, but I thought the words Andrea posted on her instagram were so perfect, that I’ll let her do the talking…

“Similar to the experience of many others, the pandemic created days consumed with fear and anxiety over the wellbeing of family and friends, as well as anger and sadness around the inevitable delay of milestones. Fortunately throughout this coronacoaster, my fiance has provided perspective and brought so much laughter into our little abode, cutting tension with a smile or a joke. Things may not be following my meticulous plans this year (like, ok, humidity – thanks for taking away my curls on this particular day…) but I am beyond grateful that Craig is the stable force in my life… in good times and in bad, just like in the vows.

So cheers to a year of learning patience, presence, and accepting imperfection! (And not killing each other during quarantine – no matter how close we came – phew!)

With a little more time this summer, we decided to forever capture the beauty of Long Island, from Southampton to Cutchogue. Craig grew up pretty much at the forks and me, well, I like to consider myself an honorary LI’er after countless summers (and prerequisite jitney rides) spent basking on the Hampton’s beaches and sampling the NoFo vineyards. I remember once reading that the forks are where the salt of the earth meets the salt of the sea, and I couldn’t describe the magic of this place better. I am honored I get to call it my home now too.”

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