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You all are kinda like my mom. You see, my mom doesn’t really get the whole photography thing. She thinks that as SOON as I snap a picture I should be able to send it immediately to for printing. She doesn’t get that I took 50 shots of the same thing. Or that I need to carefully look through each of those photos to decide which is best. You know, since clearly they are all so different. Or that once the photo is chosen, it has to be edited. And sharpened, obviously. And then it can be sent to print. But not to As if! It is sent to a professional lab that delivers it to my doorstep in 2 days flat.

But my mom doens’t get any of that. When I snap a picture, she wants it framed and on the piano pronto!

And that is kinda like you guys and this blog. I twitter and facebook about my travels, life and the amazing weddings I get to shoot….and you demand to see pictures, like, yesterday. But because I have been dealing with my mom for so long, I kinda am starting to get it. Therefore, you will not have to wait for weeks to see these, because I basically just uploaded these SOOC (that stands for straight out of camera, for those of you who are not photo nerds, like me). Oh, and I sharpened them a bit. Cut me a little slack, I can’t serve you a meal without even partially cooking it first!

Ladies and gents, join me as I go back for a moment to paradise….

Katie and I in the old capital city of M’dina. No comments about the shorts – Katie already almost nailed me to a cross for owning them.

Once upon a time, there was the ugliest cat we’d ever seen…

EEEEEeeeehh!! YES, this is SOOC! And YES, the skies were that blue! Isn’t it beautiful?!

Katie and I decided we wanted to go hike the cliffs in the town of Dingli. On our way down the side of the mountain we discovered this small abandoned village that had these small homes carved into the mountain. One of the coolest things we have ever seen!

Dingli Cliffs!! We sat on the edge of these looking straight down at the water!

Sitting on the edge looking down a length of approximately 3 football fields. Terrifying, but such an adrenaline rush!

Katie chilling on the edge of the cliff I was sitting on.

We <3 cliff jumping! I have to throw in here that I swam 50 feet across this canal with my camera held above the water just to get these shots.
The Blue Grotto

This little guy makes up for that other nasty cat. He was so cute sleeping on this cactus!

I kid you not, this is SOOC!

Breathtaking! This is the Blue Lagoon on Comino island. I. want. to. go. back.

The cliffs of Comino

Scuba diving – my second time, Katie’s first. We won’t talk about the scuba instructor on here….

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  1. Vanessa says:


  2. lili says:

    Thanks for making me homesick, lol.
    Amazing shots – thanks very much for sharing!

  3. Nina says:

    Alicia, these are incredible! I can’t believe how beautiful it is there! I think I’m going to have to hint to Michel that we should go there. He too, LOVES cliff jumping. It scares the crap out of me. 🙂

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