Loves + Loathes – The one with the smores.

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We sat in our camping chairs, looking at the stars above and swatting the mosquito’s away. Together by the warmth of the fire, listening to it crackle, we watched it let out little red fireflies into the sky. “Whoa, it looks like fireworks!”, Bruce said with his little devilish grin, knowing that my mother would not ever allow them to sit this close to the fire. But that’s ok because mom, or “Deb” as they call her, was not home. She was in Pennsylvania together with “Poppa Sal” on a little weekend getaway to help my sister and her husband move into their new apartment. So this weekend, well, we are referring to it as “Party weekend”, because that is precisely what it will be. Just me and the 3 foster kids partying it up. Last night we camped out by the fireplace and made smores. Lots of smores. We roasted … errrr burnt… marshmallows by the fire until it died down to nothing but little red dots. More than once, Brandon flung marshmallows on fire in my general direction. The night ended with a camp out in the tent, telling scary stories and giggling until we all fell asleep. And just like that, I was a kid all over again. I remember doing those same things with my brother and sister when we were little – there were few times as “totally rad” (man, I feel old for saying that!) as when mom and dad let us camp out in a tent in the backyard. It was a real treat. So this weekend, while I am home watching the 3 foster kids, we are gonna have some of that old fashioned fun. Last night was camping night. Tonight is party night, complete with a dance party and fireworks!

Because it always good to be a kid again! Which leads me to this…

The first edition of “Loves + Loathes!” I know a couple other people who do something similar to this, and I have always enjoyed reading them. I hesitated starting to do this on my blog because I did not want to look like a copycat, but the bottom line is that I really love stuff like this. So welcome, ladies and gents, to my first Loves + Loathes. You can expect a new edition every Saturday!

Loves –
Being a kid all over again. Because I don’t ever want to grow up.
Blog comments. Thank you everyone who commented on my blog this week! I love feedback. Pretty sure it was a record week for blog comments! Keep ’em coming.
Making a difference. Thanks, also, for all those of you who were touched by the pictures I too in Haiti, and in response, donated to Bless an Orphan. It’s not too late give if you have not already!

Loaths –
Misbehaving dogs. So I took my dog into the vet the other day to weigh her, because she is getting fixed next week. She flipped out on me, barking and acting like a crazy nut simply because I wanted her to step on the scale. The vet looked at me like “Do you have ANY control over your dog?”. The answer, quite truthfully, is no…but I would appreciate it if Mattie acted normal just once while out in public.
Red lights. Driving to my parents house yesterday, EVERY light turned red just as I was approaching it. I was all “WTF?!?!?!” For the record, that “F” stands for “flip”, not the word you assumed. By the way, there were 13 lights in total.
Unstable weather. It’s like every morning this week I’d wake up and say “Hmmm, will I have to wear a turtleneck or tank top today?”. Seriously?!? Unnecessary Mother Nature. Just because it’s Mother’s Day this week, that does not mean you can go through your motherly mood swings.
Lady Gaga on American Idol. I thought this was a family show? While I enjoy some of her music, this performance was just too much. Put some clothes on, girl!

Happy Saturday! Hope it’s not raining as hard where you are as it is here!

  1. HI! Just like you, I was thinking of doing something like this but didn’t want to copy other people.. but you’re right.. I wanna share what I love and warn people of things I don’t like so much… Thanks for sharing and looking forward to reading and visiting your blog site!

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