Lighthouse Point Park engagement session | Meet Summer + Alex

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Lighthouse Point Park engagement session

On my way out the door to work off some of that Chick-fil-a I talked about last night, but before I do so I wanted to end your work day with a little treat.

Many of you know that I have the best clients in the world. No, seriously. I am pretty sure no other photographers can compete with me in the category of “stellar clients.” However great all my clients are, every once in a while one comes along who is just extra special. I don’t know how it happens but it is one of those things that when I first meet them I just *know* that are going to be on my “favorites” list that year. Such is the case with Summer and Alex. We could sit for hours and talk about traveling, mountains, skiing, and a bunch of other things we have in common, but the bottom line is that we just “get” each other. More on that when I post their wedding pictures later this week. And, yes, their wedding already happened, but due to being *slightly* backed up, I am just now posting their get-to-know-you sessions at Pighthouse Point park in New Haven, CT where we shot their engagement photos. 🙂

So who else beside me absolutely adores the carousel at Lighthouse Point Park?

Summer, you are so stunning and FIIIIIERCE!

Stay tuned for their awesome Candlewood Inn wedding, coming later this week!

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  1. Suzette says:

    Hi! The engagement picture’s at light house point were adorable. Have you done wedding photo’s there? We are getting married there next May :o)

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