Le Chateau wedding | Maria + Jim teaser

Alicia Ann Daw is a film & digital wedding photographer who specializes in New York City and European destination weddings. With over 15 years of experience photographing weddings, she's spent two decades globetrotting to over 37 countries and working with clients around the world. She delivers images that are effortlessly romantic and chic, telling a story about the start of your heritage in a way that will leave you in awe.


Yes, folks, it’s true. This is my second post of the day. I am on a rollllll!

But the truth is this: I just couldn’t wait. I am not sure I have ever posted a teaser so quickly on my blog, but Maria & Jim’s wedding at Le Chateau in South Salem, NY yesterday was just too beautiful to not post a teaser. So for those of you who are night owls, enjoy the beauty that is Maria and Jim!

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  1. Maria says:

    WOW… LOVE IT… The background is unreal and the emotion is breathtaking (if I may say so myself). Thank you in advance…. we look forward to seeing more but for now this is enough to start on our honeymoon.

  2. Eszter Fejer-Kui says:

    Alicia – this is yet another GORGEOUS picture…..the ones you had on the slide show during the reception we equally amazing! i can’t wait to see them all!

  3. Tania says:

    Alicia, this looks like such a MAGICAL moment! Beautiful!

  4. Its absolutely beautiful shot, if I do say so myself! The picture says it all on how they feel for each other! Congratulations again!

  5. Olga says:

    Just amazing!!! Emotion in this picture is overwhelming and once again brings tears to my eyes! I am very much looking forward to the rest of the pictures 🙂

  6. awww no wonder why you couldn’t wait to post it 😀 beautiful photo!

  7. Mary Coker says:

    I’m speechless….and yes eyes are cloudy with tears! I am trying to find words to express how touched I am with this photo of Jim and Maria. All I can say is what a beautiful blessing! Thank you for your wonderful work…

  8. Lisa says:

    Hi Alicia,

    I found your site through googling ‘harkness park engagement pics’ because I’m doing an engagement shoot there today.

    I LOVE your business name and logo. LOVE. I’ve memorized Is 64:4.

    You’re work is beautiful too! I’m in the Willimantic area…maybe coffee could work some time. I’d appreciate hearing your story.

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