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As most of you know, I usually write a little something about each couple before I post their portraits. However, I could think of no better words than those spoken by Maria and Jim’s pastor at their ceremony. Past Jason of Wilton Baptist put together a sermon that was so uniquely them, and so I asked him if I could just use pieces of it as their introduction on my blog. 🙂

“Did you all know that Jim proposed to Maria in a hot-air balloon! Isn’t that fun! Don’t you women wish you were Maria? Don’t all you guys just hate Jim? How can you get a woman who is deathly afraid of heights to say “yes”? Take her up in a hot air balloon! Smart!

It’s not just a good story though; it’s a great allegory for marriage. You have your ups and your downs. Sometimes, on the worst of days, you find yourselves in the clouds with absolutely no visibility. You’ll be wondering if you did the right thing by getting into this hot-air balloon. You’ll be scared, you’ll be frustrated. But, then, there are the good days. The days where visibility is endless and the horizon beacons your presence and anything seems possible because you are together in this hot-air balloon. Marriage has it’s up and downs, such is life.

Marriage is a companionship which involves mutual commitment and responsibility. In this union, you’ll share alike in the responsibilities and the joys of life. When you share a sorrow the sorrow is halved, and when you share a joy the joy is doubled.

Jim and Maria, allow your marriage to be a union that brings out the best in both of you. Try to be the one that lifts the other up instead of tearing down. Set each other’s foot upon a rock in order to make your footsteps firm. Allow your love to be a new song in your mouth every morning. And most of all, enjoy the ride – this big ole hot-air balloon ride we call marriage. That’s my charge to you. I love you both.”

Jim awaiting his beautiful bride, how exciting!!

Maria and Jim opted for a “First Look” which I am always a HUGE fan of. it allowed for a lot of time to get their portraits done before hand so that they were not rushed after the ceremony. This also allowed for them to enjoy their cocktail hour, which is one of the major advantages of a first look.

A CT photographer takes wedding photos for Maria and Jim.

Doesn’t Maria look GORGEOUS?!

I always love getting great shots of the first reactions of the bride and groom seeing each other.

A “first look” before the wedding at Le Chateau in South Salem, NY.

Why hello gorgeous sun flare!

South Salem wedding photographer.

So Jim does this thing. This thing where he touches Maria, and looks at her, and kisses her like she is the most delicate thing in the world. And it got me choked up every time he did it – grooms, take note!

The groom is looking sharp!

CT wedding photographer capturing a romantic moment between the bride and groom, aww!

A beautiful day for a Le Chateau wedding in South Salem, NY! Maria’s bridesmaids rocked their magenta gowns!

So Maria’s bridesmaids were pretty much the cutest girls EVER. Each so uniquely beautiful in their own way, they were exactly what bridesmaids should be. I think they should collectively write a book about being a bridesmaid. I would buy it. 🙂

Maria is one flawless bride!!

A CT wedding photographer capturing precious moments between the bride and groom at their Le Chateau wedding in South Salem, NY.



Maria’s angle

Adopted from Justin & Mary Marantz, I have now started implementing the “10 minute rule.” And I am so. happy. I. have.

Isn’t this so incredibly cute?! What a beautiful couple!

South Salem wedding photographer and CT wedding photographer.

Love this pose!

After the ceremony, we made our way over to the Le Chateau for a few more wedding portraits. Le Chateau has a STUNNING view and backdrops which make for spectacular wedding photos.

A Le Cheateau wedding photo in South Salem, NY.

Ow ooww!!

Maria, you are all things stunning and beautiful!

I LOVE all the colors in this photo and isn’t the lighting great?!

Love. the. light. This is my take…

And this is Vanessa’s. Vanessa totally rocked her second shoot!

I am totally all goo-goo and ga-ga (not as in Lady Gaga) over these two!

Jim getting his turn in to work the camera at the Le Chateau in South Salem, NY!

A CT wedding photographer taking photos for a South Salem wedding in New York.

Stay tuned for part 3 of Maria and Jim’s Le Chateau wedding!

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Fantastic pictures, Alicia – I had never heard of the 10 minute rule – what a great concept! You can really see all the love and excitement radiating out of the couple 🙂

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Also, complements to Vanessa. Really great shots!!

  3. Vanessa says:

    What a beautiful couple! Thank-you Elizabeth I really had a great time that day! To work with such an honest, fun, all around AWESOME person really makes the day go by smoother. We had a blast that day! Jim and Maria thank-you for allowing me to be a part of your magical day!

  4. Maria says:

    Thank you, Alicia & Vanessa, for giving us wonderful pictures to remember that day. 🙂

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