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Laudholm Farm wedding in Wells, ME

Happy Friday everyone! I am reporting live from Copenhagen, Denmark, my home away from home. But more on that later, because I know you want to get straight down to business.

This wedding at Laudholm Farm in Wells, ME has been a long time coming. I have been bursting at the seams to show it to you but it was being held for publication, where it was featured on the Wedding Chicks last week. But now that it has been featured I can show you all the goodies of this STUNNING wedding. You may or may not remember Nina and Michel from their engagement sessions we did at the Boston Harbor last year. They are quite possibly two of the greatest people I have ever met. Their wedding as planned to perfection by the every-so-lovely Paula Marrero, and had a line of up stellar vendors! But words are just words, right? Let’s let the pictures speak for themselves.

When you reserve the Wells Reserve at Laudholm for a Saturday wedding, it’s yours from 12:30 pm Friday through 3 pm Sunday

Nina’s wedding gown!

You know it’s going to be a good day when you start off photographing a pair of Jimmy Choo’s!

The lace is gorgeous!

Nina, my dear, you are all things breathtaking!

She is completely flawless! Wedding photography portrait of the bride.

Nina and her two kids. πŸ™‚

Boston wedding photographer capturing the groom getting ready for his New England farm wedding!


While I was hanging out with Nina and her family, Adam headed over to grab some shots of Michel getting ready.

What would a wedding be without an iPhone youtube video on how to tie a bow tie?

Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm wedding- the groom is almost ready!

Laudholm Farm reserve wedding. The groom awaiting his bride:)


Ready for their first look!

Gahh Michel’s expression is priceless! πŸ™‚ Taken by a boston wedding photographer.

You all know how much I adore when my clients do a first look. But a first look with a backdrop as such? YES, PLEASE!

Nina’s dress is STUNNING! New England beach wedding photography for the “first look!”

Michel does not even know what’s coming! His bride is stunning!!

Precious smile on Michel’s face. Wedding photography by a Boston wedding photographer in New England.


Love the looks on their faces! New England beach “first look.”

Wedding portrait beach photography.

LOVE all these colors together!

Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm wedding for Nina and Michel soon to follow their “first look!”

Simply beautiful…

Nina’s smile is gorgeous!

Smiles all around:) Photography by a Boston wedding photographer and Connecticut wedding photographer.

Nina and Michel were a joy to photograph! Not to mention, a beautiful couple!

New England wedding photography.

Beach wedding photography in New England.

Not sure what they were laughing but I would like to think that I said something funny. In my mind, I was being super witty and made a super awesome joke that was so good, Michel even threw his head back as he laughed. But I doubt it.

Seriously, how adorable are they?

What a good looking couple! New England beach wedding photography.

Wells, Maine beach wedding photography taken by a Boston wedding photographer and Connecticut wedding photographer.

Isn’t Nina so pinch-your-cheeks cute?

Looking quite dashing Michel on your wedding day!

So, funny story. As I was grabbing the above shots of Nina, Adam took Michel aside for a few shots…

Maine beach wedding photography.


…and as he was shooting, all of a sudden this huge wave came and surrounded them with water. It kinda came in but then never went back out. Nina and I watched it all unfold as the guys were standing on rocks and had no way back to dry sand except to jump those tiny rocks on the way back. It was pretty hilarious. This could have turned into a really bad situation that included a soaking wet groom.

After shooting some wedding portraits on the beach in Wells, ME we went over to Laudholm Farm for some more wedding photographs.<br />
After shooting some wedding portraits on the beach in Wells, ME we went over to Laudholm Farm for some more wedding photographs.

Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm wedding portrait.

Laudholm Farm wedding for Nina and Michel:)

The Wells Reserve at Laudholm is the perfect place for capturing memorable wedding images.
Laudholm Farm had this adorable house with a super cute porch. After being in the sun for a bit, we decided to sit in the shade and relax for a few moments just to soak it all in.

Connecticut wedding photographer takes portraits of the bride and groom at Laudholm Farm in Maine.

New England farm wedding photography.

Laudholm Farm Reserve in Well, Maine is a stunning rustic place for a wedding ceremony and reception with a lot of places to take great wedding photographs
Love that laugh of hers!

One of the best wedding venues in Southern Maine is Laudholm Farm in Wells, ME.

Eskimo kisses:) Taken by a Connecticut wedding photographer at Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm in Maine.

Wells, Maine for a beautiful New England wedding!

Their weddingreception was held at Laudholm Farm in Wells, it was the first time I’d shot at Laudholm Farm and I can highly recommend it to brides looking for reception locations. It is simply perfect in every way.


We are going to skip over the ceremony for now and continue with portraits. After the ceremony we all climbed up to the edge of Laudholm Farm at Wells Reserve to watch the sunset. WOW! What a view! It was as though the heavens opened up and God painted the most beautiful of sunsets just for Nina and Michel.

LOVING this light filtering through the trees!

A stunning couple on their special day:)

Laudholm Farm reserve wedding for Nina and Michel!

I am not usually into dramatic lighting effects but I couldn’t help myself with a sunset like this!

BEAUTIFUL! The bride, the groom, the lighting, the sunset- All of it! Laudholm Farm wedding.

The detail on Nina’s wedding dress is jaw-dropping gorgeous!

Laudholm Farm Reserve in Well, Maine is a gorgeous place for a wedding and the backdrop makes awesome wedding photos

Taken at the Laudholm Farm in Wells, Maine by a Connecticut wedding photographer and Boston wedding photographer.

Sunset wedding photography portraits of Nina and Michel.

Stay tuned for part 2 of Nina and Michel’s wedding at Laudholm Farm in Wells, ME. And trust me, you are going to want to check in for that. Lots of goodness to come. Hint: There may or may not be a HUGE tree that they got married under!

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