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When I first met Jen & Shawn, I was super excited at the chance to shoot their upcoming wedding. They were referred to me by the delightful and talented Dee Dee Benyi at Always & Forever Weddings. Jen & Shawn are not your traditional couple, but instead have this über cool aura around them. I knew I would have fun shooting their wedding when they said “We don’t want the super cute, typical wedding photos. Instead, when people see us on our wedding day, we want them to think ‘Hey, they look like they are going to a wedding fashion shoot”. Instant connection. You know why? Because they reminded me of many of the European couples whose weddings/engagements I have photographed. And, boy do I miss Europe. 🙂

When talking about a location to do their engagement shoot, I came up with the idea of the Connecticut Science Center. The building is brand new, and has great light with their massive windows, along with clean cut lines. The Connecticut Science Center is not an “event venue”, but they have done weddings there before, so if you are thinking about a really modern chic wedding in Hartford and looking for a venue to match that, you would be delighted to see what the Connecticut Science Center has to offer.

Despite the cold, Jen and Shawn were troopers and were brave enough to step outside for a bit to get some fun photos in downtown Hartford. If you are from the Hartford area and need engagement photos done, there are really a ton of great places in the downtown area. Due to the cold, we only stayed right around the Connecticut Science Center, but hopefully we can take a bit more of a stroll downtown when we do their wedding photos.

Without furter ado, meet Jen & Shawn:

Lovin’ the boots!

Did I not tell you that they are über cool?

Favorite from the whole day:

Seriously, how STUNNING is Jen?

Boys will, of course, be boys….

Had to throw in a bit of snowball fun to conclude this session!

Jen & Shawn, I can’t wait to shoot your wedding this year! It’s going to be a BLAST!

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  1. Feuza says:

    great session, and glad they ventured out in the freezing cold, shooting in europe sounds like so much funnnnnnn

  2. I love that he slid down the stair rail. And I love their boots. Great session 🙂

  3. Deedee says:

    Beautiful! This is going to be a great wedding and I am really looking forward to working with you!

  4. johnna says:

    great work! cool snow effect on stairs. 😉

  5. Lorena Gillispie says:

    Very nice! She is really pretty. I love looking through your pictures.

  6. Jennifer says:

    These are fabulous! Thanks for making us look so good. I’m really looking forward to April.

  7. Nancy says:

    So many to choose from! Looking forward to seeing their #1 choice.

  8. Eby Betsayyad says:

    She is so so so beautiful. Wow. Must have been a pleasure taking pictures of her. Wow. Her face is just one of those. …… PLEASE let me buy the movie she is staring in 😉 Good job capturing it.

    xoxoxo from denmark

  9. Cousin Andrea says:

    You both look wonderful! I am very disappointed to have to miss meeting beautiful Jenn and witnessing your wedding (but you know I have a very good excuse)!
    Congratulations and best wishes to you both from all of us in Deutschland!

  10. Joel, FOB says:

    I’m impressed with the appeal of both the striking pictures and the couple. Of course I’m prejudiced.

  11. Toula says:

    Just beautiful. I can’t wait for the wedding pictures.
    love ya!

  12. A. Holly says:

    You are a beautiful couple and we can see meant for each other.

  13. Cousin Debbie says:

    Ab FAB! How fun…the snaps are wonderful!!!

  14. Jo-Ann says:

    STUNNING! Great photography and great subjects!

  15. Jack says:

    Great pictures! Shawn is a lucky guy! Jennifer is stunning!

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