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I know I’m 8 days late to the game, but I was in Colorado until Jan 4 and then it’s been crazy busy since then, so I had to wait until today to do my big list. As you may have noticed, I did not make a December “Big list”. That was intentional, since Adam and I took most of December off, and were only in Connecticut for 5 days total. Even with being on vacation for that long, my list was still big in December, by nature, so I didn’t want to add anything to it. I intended on reviewing November’s Big list this month, so here we go…

November ended up being a month of madness. While completed some things off my list, I completed so many other things that forced their ways onto my list.

– AAC (Alicia Ann Couture) Christmas Promo
– AAC Acts of kindness
– Simply Love boxes decided on
– PASS print promo
– Order lights for CO studio
– Order display products for CO studio
– Order clothing rack for CO studio
– Order backdrop stand for CO studio
– Set CO studio up and start using it!! (my first shoot there will be this month!)
– Purchase 3 dressforms

– Shoot and edit AAC promo video (shot, but not edited)
Make venue albums for 2013
– Client Christmas gifts wrapped and sent
– 17 glamour shoots shot, edited, orders sent
– 3 wedding shot, edited, blogged, and PASS’d

– Vistaprint
– Send promo video clips to Jakob (This. Task. My arch enemy….STILL)

– Top secret project that Adam can’t know about…since I know he’s reading this;)
– Get our FIRST Christmas cards made! YAY!!

– Put up Christmas decor (Failed miserably at Christmas in general this year. This one included)
– Sew stockings
– Doula Certification Registration (yup, you read that right!)
– Buy a fingerprint safe on Black Friday

– Finish my Pistol Permit paperwork
– Sew sweater pillows for CO house
– Go to the gym 8 times (making this realistic!)
– Doctor appointment schedule (bleh.)
– Teeth cleaned
– Personal budget made
– Costa Rica details finalized
– Clean. My. Filthy. Apartment. :/ :O
(Still needs a LOT of deep cleaning, but I definitely picked it up a bit

Now for January!

– Plan Bride’s day out for 2013 brides
– Visit 10 salons in CT for AAC marketing
– Visit 20 salons in CO for AAC marketing
– AAC promo video edited
– Set up Rachel’s 2014 pay
– Write and schedule 15 blog posts
– Blog 12 times
– Schedule AAC Facebook posts
– Finish and print AAC welcome packet
– Catch up on emails
– Finish 2013 wedding albums

– Finish my Pistol Permit paperwork
– Sew sweater pillows for CO house
– Complete 1st course in doula certification
– Gym 12 times
– 2013 album designed and printed
– Clean front closet

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