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We all have them. Those things that we are secretly paranoid of. The images that haunt our minds. The fear that someday our worst nightmare may come true. I am not talking about the common things – like getting held up at gunpoint, or having your home broken into, or a loved one pass away. I am talking about the irrational fears. The ones that you don’t tell anyone because they seem kinda stupid or silly.

I have them too. Actually, I really just have one. And this one irrational fear has haunted me for as long as I can remember.

My irrational fear is that someday when I bring a ceramic coffee mug up to my mouth, I will over calculate the distance of my mouth from the mug and accidentally hit an knock out my front teeth. Please don’t laugh.

Really for as long as I can remember, I have taken an extra second to pause and make sure that I don’t accidently slam those hefty ceramic mugs or drinking glasses into my teeth. On occasion, the mug or glass will lightly tap my front teeth and I immediately think to myself “Whew! That was a close call!”. And immediately the images flood into my mind. Images of two teeth falling into my mug. Images of blood pouring out of my mouth onto my Macbook keyboard. And to top it all off, there would be NO dentist in my surrounding area who has an opening to fix my teeth for months, which means I would have to walk around looking like a toothless redneck. *sigh* My heart is racing faster and faster just typing all this. I could easily make an Oscar-award-winning horror film based on this one very thing.

Am I crazy? Probably. Nevertheless, I have had a love/hate relationship with this irrational fear because while is definitely is a fear, I sometimes have the ability to step back and laugh at how ridiculous I am.

So, my friends, I want to know something. What is YOUR irrational fear? Do you worry about spiders biting you in the middle of the night (ok, so that is another fear of mine)? Do you fear that you will accidentally bite your tongue off while eating (I am letting you WAY too far into the deep thoughts of Alicia Candelora!)

Talk to me. Help me realize I am not the only one with quirky and sometimes funny fears. Leave a comment below and tell us all the crazy little things you think about!

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  1. Spring says:

    The dark. I know, it’s a popular fear, but at almost 32 (shudder) not so much. I can’t walk into a dark room, and if I do, I tend to close my eyes, which makes little to no sense. It’s so insane that before all the lights are out in the living room at night, I run to flip on the hall light and can’t turn it off until I open the bedroom door, which had it’s light turned on hours before it got even dark (and yeah, I know, not environmentally proper). It’s ridiculous. I still sleep with a night light, and thankfully my husband has adjusted. It’s not the dark I fear, as much as the ghosts I’m afraid I’ll see. Yeah, now you totally think I’m crazy. One more, I still can’t let the bath totally drain before getting out for fear of getting sucked down the drain…cause that is totally possible.

  2. Heather Baker says:

    Oh my gosh. This almost happened to me the other day. I was drinking from a glass a heard a clank against my front teeth. Nothing happened, of course, but it was the first time I realized that I might actually do some damage if I don’t get my hand/eye coordination in check. I hear you on the mug fear 😉

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