Husdon Valley wedding | Maria + Jim (Part 1)

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For those of you who are night owls as much as myself, I figured I would give you a little treat. Maria and Jim were married over the Hudson Valley on a day where the skies were wide open and the weather was stunning!

Keep checking back this week as I post more on Maria and Jim’s gorgeous Hudson Valley wedding, as well as a little bit more about them and their amazing story!

All smiles for the New York bride, Maria!


Maria started off the day by getting ready at her friend Marcy’s home. Marcy is a spectacular hostess and had a plethora of yummy goodies for us to munch on all morning.

A HUGE thanks to the ladies from Naomi’s Salon for making Maria look flawless (not that she needed much help!). I can’t tell you how often I have to touch up a bride’s makeup after she returns from the salon with the “I hate how I look” look on her face. Whenever Naomi and her girls are doing hair and makeup, I never have to worry because I know they work to perfection every single time. They, of course, did not disappoint with Maria’s hair and makeup. πŸ™‚

Maria’s hair was absolutely beautiful! I was excited for her to show it off!!

LOVED this window!

The wedding dress for a Hudson Valley wedding by a New York wedding photographer.

Fabulous pop of color for Maria’s feet!

Well hello stunning shoes!

The bride’s accessories:)

Maria’s beautiful details.

Once upon a time there was this chair. And I loved this chair. End of story.

While I was shooting Maria’s details, Vanessa slipped by and caught these AWESOME shots of Maria writing and reviewing her vows.

Final touches…

It was a blast shooting Maria and her bridesmaids during the “getting ready” process.

A New York wedding photographer for Maria and Jim’s Hudson Valley wedding.


Love this shoe photo:)

Maria is definitely model status! What a fun Hudson Valley wedding for a Β New York wedding.

As soon as Maria was dressed, I sat her down in this chair to grab some shots of her alone. I think you will agree with me that she is all things beautiful!

Gorgeous lighting during the portrait photography part for Maria’s wedding!

While I was grabbing the shot on the left Vanessa got the shot on the right. Love!

Maria and Jim exchanged letters the morning of their wedding. Upon opening this Maria said “Oh you don’t have to stay for this – he tends to write books. You can go take pictures of the guys.” So we did. But not without grabbing a couple shots of her first. πŸ˜‰

The handsome groom suiting up. Did I just say that? I have been watching too much “How I met your mother.”

Jim getting ready for his wedding day in Hudson Valley, New York!

New York wedding photographer and Connecticut wedding photographer taking photos of the creative groomsmen gifts!


Hands down, best groomsmen gifts. Ever. Like, ever and ever.

I was quite obviously partial to the cufflinks in focus.

The guys getting all spiffy!

Very focused.

Stay tuned for Maria and Jim’s first look in the Hudson Valley, as well as their portraits!

In the meantime….

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  1. sidney chang says:

    beautiful!! love all the shoe shots!! πŸ™‚ but my fav is the one of Jim getting ready, facing away from mirror, kind of blurry…love it!

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