Hudson Valley wedding | Crystal + Dallas (Part 1)

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Now I know what they all say – Monday sucks, right? Well, I wanted to give your Monday something to boast about, so I decided to start your week off with a little bit of wedding goodness also known as Crystal + Dallas. Crystal and Dallas got married on a day in October where the weather could not have been more delightful, and the trees could not have been any brighter or more colorful! Hope you love these as much as I do 🙂 Stay tuned this week for a lot more images from their gorgeous fall wedding.

You know the day is going to be a good one when you start of with shoes like these! I was coveting them the entire day.

Seriously. Need I say more about these shoes?

I was also having a love affair with her bling.

Connecticut wedding photography.

A Hudson Valley wedding by a CT wedding photographer.

Crystal’s stunningly detailed gown.

Connecticut wedding photography for a Hudson Valley wedding.

So these flowers were some of the most gorgeous florals I have ever seen. The colors! The! Colors! The colors! Gah!

Can’t get enough of these fun fall colors!

…and paired against a burnt orange dress? Yes, please!

Big thanks to Jocelyn Mercado (whose engagement session is coming later this week!!) for making Crystal look FLAWLESS! If any of you are looking for wedding day makeup, be sure to contact Jocelyn. 😉

Crystal has eyelashes to die for!

The flower girls having a little bit of fun….prior to a major meltdown.

I am not sure exactly what happened but at one point this flower girl decided she was just. not. into. this. wedding. thing. Like, at all. So she proceeded to have a meltdown that consisted of major pouting and consoling from the other two flower girls for the next 2 hours. It was pretty hilarious, and I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it. Crystal and the bridesmaids just rolled their eyes and said “She is just a drama queen.” That, she was.

…and it continues.

The other girls trying to sheer her up. I think this is when she proclaimed “I hate this wedding. I am not going to the wedding.”

Watching the bride get ready for her Hudson Valley wedding!

The other two thought that maybe watching a movie would help her out, but she was pretty determined to keep that pout on ;D

Dress time!

I love this one in black and white!

Every girl needs a little help on the wedding day:)

A STUNNING bride to say the least!

Crystal, you are flawless!

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  1. Crystal Peck says:

    AMAZING!!! I can’t wait to see the rest! Funny story about Emelia… We later found out that Emelia was upset the entire day because she wanted Brianna’s junior bide veil and shoes. Might I add that Emelia and Brianna had the same exact shoes, but she wanted Brianna’s because they were a bigger size (“big girl shoes”)

  2. Nicole VanVoorhis says:

    Hi there,

    I am getting married next October and I’m looking for a venue! Do you remember where this couple- crystal and dallas were married?

    thank you!

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