House to home: Our Colorado home makeover

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A looooooong time ago I posted about the beginning of our home remodel. At that time our intention was to completely redo our Colorado house to make it more “us” and to camp out there for a good handful of years. Not too long into the process we began tossing around the idea of selling within a year or so after we remodeled and, accordingly, didn’t do much to make the home our own, because we knew we would be selling. For example, I painted a white world outline on my office wall (difficult to seen the images below), but didn’t finish the rest of my office which was going to have a travel theme. Our bedroom was also going to have a lot of nautical touches 0 a rope chandelier, wooden oars over the bed, etc, but we began changing our plan to make things more functional and driven towards staging it to sell, which meant keeping decoration to a bare minimum. A couple months ago we finally finished the remodel and both Adam and I are so proud with how it came out. We did it 100% by ourselves. Every floor board, every wall, every cabinet door, every square inch of trim. Last week we listed our house on the market, crossing our fingers that it sells quickly. In the meantime, though, my intention was to blog the progress as we went but since we knew we wouldn’t really be making it “our own”, I decided against that idea. However, I am excited to show you the finished results. Here are a few before and afters…

Living room:


Family Room:

Adam’s Office:

Alicia’s Office:


Master Bedroom: (after only)









  1. gram says:

    it’s so pretty, great job! praying that it sells quickly, Our Lord is a great realtor even when the house is not this pretty, I found that out lol

  2. Megan says:

    the sponge painting in the before…ugh…looks beautiful now!!

  3. Megan says:


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