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I was a bit nervous. I was nervous to announce it, albeit very excited. I was nervous about how people might respond to it. And, frankly, I was nervous that we would not be able to accomplish what I had hoped for. On 1.11.11, we announced that 10% of every commission + product sale for all weddings this year would be given to Thirst Relief. I don’t know why I was so nervous, but this really was a big deal to me.

And you pulled through. Not only did you support the effort, but many of you donated on your own. I was blown away by the positive feedback! And when I began talking to potential clients about this project, I was blown away with how well they received it. So today I am beyond excited to tell you that we have already completed out first project in Haiti! The funds have been 100% raised to put in the water filter at the orphanage. I am beside myself with gratefulness, excitement, and joy! And we did it. You and I. Together.

So far, Thirst Relief has provided a large power generator to an orphanage of about 130 children. The generator pumps water from their well to all water needs at the orphanage – dirty, contaminated water. The water filter is what we have now helped provide so that all the water that these children drink is clean and free of disease. 130 kids. WOW!

If I am able to get ahold of pictures of the filter being put in, I will make sure to post them on here! Until then….let’s keep going until the next project is complete!

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  1. Wow! This is such an amazing thing! I am so proud of you for putting this together. xo

  2. So inspired by what you are doing! I spoke of your commitment several times at WPPI this past week as an example of what a Thirst Partner looks like! Keep up the great work.


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