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We were out on our first date and somewhere between hair twirling and coy smirks, as if he didn’t already have my attention, he commanded it instantly when he said “So, are you set on staying in CT for the rest of your life?”. I paused for a second, looked up and said “Well, I only moved back two weeks ago and never thought I’d come back, so I have no idea.” And while we still debate on the specifics of the next statement, my version states that he looked me straight in the eyes and said “Well, if you are, there won’t be a second date, cause I am NOT staying here.” He insists he wasn’t that blunt, but I’m like 110% sure he was. And if you know Adam at all, you are probably taking my side, because it is no shocker that Adam isn’t a fan of Connecticut, and that he think Colorado was God’s favorite creation. Where is the emoji that has it’s eyes rolling??? Nevertheless, I thought to myself “Well, you’re kinda cute, so I guess I’m ok with leaving CT…” and the rest, as they say, is history.

From day 1, I knew that a move would eventually be coming. We’ve talked about it for 3+ years. Neither of us knew when, how, or under what conditions we would move. But we knew it was coming. And for 3+ years I’ve been trying to set my business up in a way that would remain strong even if it meant me running it remotely. At some point last year Adam began looking for jobs in Colorado but nothing was really catching his attention and through a series of events, he managed to work out a deal with his job where he could work remote for 2 weeks a month which means that, indefinitely, he has to be here in CT for at least 1-2 weeks a month because his job is still here in Hartford. For me, this was a tremendous answer to prayer because it meant that I wouldn’t have to make a cold turkey move to a new state, flying back here every weekend for weddings, but that we could slowly and gradually make the transition out there. I could start networking in Denver while we sill remained in CT 2 weeks a month. We’ve had quite a few people ask when we are moving and the answer is “Now….but not really”. Because the fact is that, although Adam is out there 2 weeks a month right now, we aren’t going to live together until we are married and after we get married (this May!!), I will be launched into a crazy busy wedding season where I am booked almost every weekend. With the exception of a trip or two, I won’t be out there until the end of this year and, even then, I’ll still be in CT 2 weeks a month indefinitely. So we are moving, but not really. If you ask me, this is the best possible scenario for No Eye Has Seen Photography. And for my attachment to my little siblings and my church here in CT…both of which are going to make this move a bit difficult for me. But a slow transition, that I can do. 🙂

To start off the new year, I took a couple weeks off of work and went out to Colorado with Adam to start planning what we are going to do to the house out there. He bought the house as a young bachelor and although he kept up with it cosmetically, it is very clear that a single GUY lived there. Right down to the 1970-something curtains that are still hanging from the previous owners. As far as he’s concerned, curtains are curtains. They are in “perfectly fine shape”, so why remove them? Because they are made of polyester tapestry, Adam, THAT’S why/ Don’t get me started on the color of the Masters Bedroom that looks like Oscar the grouch threw up on it. He calls it “Trading spaces Green”. I beg to differ. So this love child of his is now becoming a love child of ours as we embark of the journey of completely remodeling an entire home. And by remodel, I don’t mean just repainting the walls and replacing the curtains. What you see below will look completely different within a year.

Luckily for us and the general health of our relationship, we both love DIY projects. And even luckier for us, we have opposite strengths in terms of our capabilities in this areas so I, for one, this we will make a great team at remodeling. I think we may give Paige David and Ty Pennington a good run for their money. So for the next year or so this house is going to go under MAJOR renovations. Structurally it will stay the same but cosmetically it will look like an entirely different house by the time we are done with it. I’m FINALLY going to put my Pinterest drean home board to use! And I couldn’t be more excited! When I went out with Adam in January we went through the entire house and decided what we wanted to do…and we got to work. So today marks the start of a new series that I am super excited about, called “From House to Home”. And to start off, here are some “before” pictures….

The Living room, complete with Polyester tapestry curtains and wonderfully sponge-painted walls that is a common theme throughout the house

The kitchen and dining area. Adam laid that slate floor and, if you ask me, did a great job. But it’s started to pop up a bit so he recently tore it all up. The kitchen area is probably going to have the biggest “wow” factor from before/after…so get a good look at this before shot!

Upstairs bathroom

Bedroom #1 which will probably be my office

Bedroom #2 which will probably be the guest bedroom

Laundry room and downstairs bathroom

Downstairs family room

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  1. Mary Marantz says:

    OOOOH SO excited to see what you guys do with it!! xo

  2. robyn L says:

    Congratulations! You’ve got an exciting new living arrangement! Have fun fixing up the new house. 🙂

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