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Florida Destination Wedding and Weddings In Florida are a fantastic way to start your life off together!

Well, friends, THIS is the post I have been dying to share with you. Tianna and Jeremy’s Florida destination wedding was a spectacular one! Their guests came, literally from all around the world (England, Denmark, Philippines, India, Russia, France…and I think a few other countries!) just to attend this amazing Florida wedding.

Ever since I shot these wedding portraits, I have been all goo-goo and ga-ga over them. I seriously think I have watched their slideshow about 35 times in the last week! When shooting their portraits I felt like we were on some exotic Polynesian Island or something…it did not look at all like the many Florida beach or destination weddings I have witnessed. It was nothing short of spectacular!

Not only are Tianna and Jeremy amazing people, but they truly have a unique story. During the reception, they showed a video that they made (they both work in the film industry). I was blown away by how awesome the video was and definitely wanted to post it on here. I was so excited the other day when Jeremy’s sister posted the link to the video online. So, watch their video and then have some fun treating your eyes to some delightful candy!

Tianna and Jeremy’s love story <—- Their love story video. Let us know what you think of the video here!

AA gorgeous bride portrait in West Palm Beach, Florida. What a perfect place for a destination wedding!

Is she not GORGEOUS?!?!

Tianna is such a stunning bride!!

A beautiful day for a Florida destination wedding calls for a beautiful bride!

Polynesian island, riiiiiiiight?

Tianna posing for her West Palm Beach wedding.

Gorgeous scenery surrounds a gorgeous bride on her special day!

I don’t think I can handle the goodness anymore! I just want to shoot there forever!

Tianna surrounded by her bridesmaids- her near and dear friends!

A Florida destination wedding- a lovely bride and her bridesmaids!

Smiles all around on this exciting day for Tianna!

Tianna and her mother on her wedding day in West Palm Beach.

One thing that I thought was super cool, was that Tianna not only had brideMAIDS, but also bridesMEN. 🙂 I really appreciate when a bride has the guts to think out of the box and run her wedding as SHE wants it, not as everyone expects it to be.

A stunning portrait of Tianna before the ceremony.

The last few moments before the ceremony.

Meet our handsome groom, Jeremy.

A groom and his groomsmen in Florida for a beach wedding.

A moment filled with joy celebrating Tianna and Jeremy’s wedding day in Florida!

So, seriously, how incredibly cool is this tree???

What a beautiful couple!

Pretty sure this place makes for a perfect Florida Destination wedding!


A beautiful and happy couple on their wedding day in West Palm Beach, Florida!

How sweet is this orange tree?!

A Florida beach wedding calls for a romantic dock wedding photo.

Tianna and Jeremy hand in hand on their wedding day.

And now onto some ooh-la-la, not-so-exotic-island shots!

A bride cannot be more gorgeous than Tianna!


Tianna and Jeremy during their West Palm Beach wedding.

What a precious moment for the bride and groom:)

Ok, as you have just feasted your eyes on some seriously gorgeous Florida Destination wedding portraits, now you can leave some love by commenting! 🙂

I am officially a fan of Florida destination beach weddings! If you are thinking of doing a Florida destination wedding, contact me and I will give you some good contacts in Florida to plan your destination wedding! 🙂

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  1. misty says:

    alicia! great job on the pics!!

    favs are the two with the railroad sign! amazing colors! 🙂

  2. […] Has Seen Photography. I just have to start with a small exert about what Alicia had to say about Tianna and Jeremy’s West Palm Beach destination […]

  3. Amanda Ludwick says:

    Absolutly LOVE these.
    I live in West Palm Beach, and my Fiance and his friends and family are from Australia.
    This looks like the perfect place for our wedding, and exactly the types of pictures I want to have.
    Let me know if you can get me any contact info for where this wedding took place!

  4. Heather Floyd says:

    My friend is getting married in West Palm in December 2013 and this location looks like an amazing spot. She is looking to have her ceremony on the waterfront. Could you give me the contact information for this venue? The pictures are fabulous. I will also pass along your information since she is still looking for a photographer. Thanks!

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