Dreaming of Autumn

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Let’s face it, I’ve had a rocking summer. One of the best of my life, to be exact. I am proudly sporting some significantly darker epidermis, my hair is highlighted, I’ve been on river tubes more than a handful of times, poolside an average of once a week, and a few incredible weekend getaways have taken place. And it’s been fabulous. I have a couple weeks left of living it up for summer but today, as I woke up and felt a little chill in the air, I couldn’t help but start dreaming of what is to come. I love fall. With all of my heart and soul. Like a fat kid loves cake, except in this cake it would be apple pie and caramel cinnamon bites. So, in an effort to let Autumn know that it is welcome to show it’s darling face as soon as it wants, I decided to create a little board that gets me all in the mood for my favorite season of the year.

1. What is fall without the perfect pair of boots? These ones from Anthropologie will do.
2. Ever since I bought a white couch 2 years ago I’ve been looking for the perfect grey throw. This cashmere one from Restoration Hardware is a dream for my inner Martha Stewart, though unfortunately not for my wallet.
3. Ummm…hello gorgeous outfit from J.Crew. I’d like to be wearing this when I meet every potential client this fall.
4. Adam and I started this book back in March and we are still only on chapter 4. We REALLY need to finish it soon.
5. I dream of cool Autumn afternoon on a hammock in my parents backyard with the book above and the drink below.
6. The perfect cable knit scarf to keep me cozy.
7. This shirt from J. Crew looks like it would be super comfy to wear while editing all the weddings I’m shooting this fall.
8. Apple cider donuts. Need I say more? I do, actually, cause I am on a desperate search for a healthy recipe for these puppies. Anyone?
9. It is a well-known fact that I don’t drink coffee of any kind. Last year I walked into Starbucks and asked if….are you ready for this…if the Caramel Brûlée Latte had coffee in it. Clearly trying to hold back a belly laugh, the cashier told me that it does but I could maybe just get it with milk only. I did. And it’s been butterflies and roses ever since.
10. iTunes and I have a hot date on October 22nd. Can’t wait for this album!
11. I am determined this fall to master the art of wearing boot socks, or leg warmers, or whatever they are called. And, according to that image they’ll make my legs smile. Win-win.

So, what are some things that make YOU get in the mood for fall? Do you have a favorite fall article of clothing? Favorite autumn drink? I want to hear from other Fall fanatics.

  1. I want fall now! And this officially makes me want to go shopping for boots! With a Pumpkin Spice latte!!

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